Thursday, June 4, 2009

I Quit Smoking & You Can Too!

I Quit Smoking Cigarettes On July 22nd, 2008! Woohoo! Wish me luck! :)

I wrote that sentence above almost one year ago. And guess what! I am STILL a non-smoker to this day. I cannot believe it! I finally was able to quit for good.

This USED to be ME but...

I Quit Smoking Cigarettes On July 22nd, 2008! Woohoo! Wish me luck! :)

I wrote that sentence almost one year ago & guess what! I am still a non smoker to this day. I can't believe it! I finally was able to quit for good & the desire is gone. Sayonara! Good riddance!

I started smoking when I was 17. I knew better than to start smoking. We were taught in school that it was bad for you. Unfortunately, I tried clove cigarettes thinking I was so cool. I didn't know that cloves had nicotine in them & were just as addictive as cigarettes. I mean, my mom had cloves in her spice rack in the kitchen. I thought it was just a spice. Stupid me didn't realize what I was doing to myself & before long it was too late & I was already hooked on nicotine. I ended up switching over to regular cigarettes since the cloves were always hard to find (especially when I ran out. It was easier to bum a Marlboro over a Djarum) & the rest is history. Most of the time I was a smoker I hated it & was actively trying to quit. I quit for a year once when I was on the tv show WOW Women of Wrestling but went back to it after a few drinks one night celebrating our first wrestling match. I thought I could just smoke one or be the type of smoker that only smoked when she drank. I couldn't have been more wrong!

I tried almost every method to quit smoking: Nicorette Gum, the patch, Wellbutrin, Freedom Laser, hypnosis, & cold turkey. Chantix was the only thing that put me in the mindset that I have now. I must say if you need help with quitting, Chantix (Champix in Europe) really works! Best stuff I ever took to help me quit. I highly recommend it.

I know now that even one cigarette puff would be detrimental to all the work that I have put in so far & I'm not willing to go back to square one again. Not to mention, there are so many benefit to quitting. I was an asthmatic but now I don't have problems with that anymore. Plus, I have a little dog that probably would have gotten cancer from second hand smoke had I continued. This is the single best thing I've ever done for my health, my family, & the people/animal that I love. If you need help with quitting smoking, add me as a friend on Community.Become An and I will be your quit buddy. Let me know if you need support with your decision to stop quit by posting a comment for me. I will be here for you.

Smoking = Epic FAIL!