Tuesday, January 9, 2001

The Latest & Greatest

YAY! I heard from several people that my commercial for Diet Dr. Pepper is out and that I made the final cut. Its about time! I have been waiting for it to air for like 8 months. I was scared that I hadn't made the final edit or that they had decided to not run it. The commercial is pretty cool. We did a spoof on Baywatch only ours was called Green Bay Watch as in Green Bay, Wisconsin. So we are wearing the red bathing suits and snow boots... I wish I could see it though. I haven't had the chance to catch it on tv and adcritic.com hasn't added it nor do they have any of the other Diet Dr. Pepper commercials on there either. I suppose I am going to have to watch football... boring! I've been super busy and dealing with one dilemma after another concerning my website but in spite of all of that life is good. I am one happy camper! I have been getting back into fitness lately and being a good girl!

Bobbi B.