Sunday, December 27, 2009

FAKE BOOBS and the new REAL ME!

Please read this because this is IMPORTANT SHIT I've never ever talked about before throughout my entire acting and modeling career.

Before all of you girls start contemplating getting a pair of bolt-ons, fakies, breastices, +2s, etc. PLEASE TAKE ALL OF THIS INTO ACCOUNT AND CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING.

I'm often asked, whether or not my boobs are fake or real, who did my boobs, etc. and I have yet to get into my story as I always felt that it was something that was personal and private and that it had no bearing on who I am or what I am about as a person.

Well... after all these years, I am finally going on the record to say that I am a proud patient of Dr. Motykie's and I give him my endorsement. I recently went in for reconstructive surgery with him on December 16th, 2009.

But it hasn't been an easy path for me leading up to this point... I have had 4 prior surgeries on my breasts and have experienced nothing but problems the whole way through. From having my first doctor cut my pocket too low, to having ripples from hell, to having capsular contracture over and over again, to having two different sized and shaped nipples in two completely different spots... You name it, it's gone wrong with my boob jobs. There were periods of time in my life where I was too humiliated to even take my shirt off in front of a guy so I didn't even date and became cellibate. It's certainly been a journey. I have spent over $40,000 in breast augmentations/corrective procedures. And to spend all that money on something that you are insecure about in the first place AND properly do your research/due diligence with thinking you are selecting the right surgeons and STILL be right back where you started from ONLY worse off, is a completely depressing and devastating situation. Not to mention, reading comments from keyboard warrior aholes on MySpace pointing out the fact that one of my boobs sat higher or was bigger than the other (Yes morons, I had capsular contracture and was well aware of the fact, thank you very much!) or having the director on the Diet Dr. Pepper commercial point out that he could see the point (another problem due to capsular contracture) in which my implant was protruding triangularly thru my red Baywatch bathing suit and asking wardrobe if "something could be done about that" wasn't very much fun either. You see they picked ME out of thousands and thousands of beautiful, thin, gorgeous, perfect models and I was the one that was selected and paid a huge amount of money to appear in their commercial. And guess what... I wasn't PERFECT! Not that I ever claimed to be, but I really wanted to give them what it was that they were looking for and felt beyond guilty that I was anything short of PERFECTION because they certainly were paying me all that money to be and there were a whole lot of other girls that they could have chosen instead of me. For a while there, having the messed up boobs was just something that was beyond my control and I had to just deal with and make the best of it. I was either unable to afford another procedure at the time, or I was at a loss as to which surgeon to roll the dice with next, and I got to the point where I was unable to fix the problem no matter how many times I had tried already so why even bother! I was even warned by one of my doctors to "quit while I was ahead" and that "each time I went under the knife, it was going to get successively worse" which scared me even more. He said that they, "weren't that bad". Well I'm sorry but when I've got directors wondering why my boob was shaped like a triangle and they'd picked me to be in their Superbowl commercial, there IS a problem and "it's not that bad" just doesn't cut it!!!

Before meeting Dr. Motykie, I was coming from the mindset in which I had always totally regretted getting my breasts augmented in the first place, was not comfortable at all with the way my implants looked, or the size of them, and I wouldn't advise it to any girl that asked me my opinion when they were considering getting theirs done... but that's a whole 'nuther story right there.

Since meeting Dr. Motykie and having my major breast reconstructive surgery, the ending to my "regret story" has since changed. I now have a happy ending and Motykie was finally able to achieve the results that I had originally set out to get years and years ago.

The first thing I noticed about my consultation with Dr. Motykie is that he LISTENS to you and hears what you want out of the surgery. He also takes his time and thoroughly EXPLAINS everything so that you can make an informed decision and feel completely confident about placing your life in his hands. His anesthesiologist is equally great, personable, and Harvard educated. I wanted him to be my official requested anesthesiologist for life but I guess it doesn't work that way. :(

Dr. Motykie was able to fix all of my botched surgeries and give me the breasts I've been wanting since I first went under the knife. I was told by a prior doctor (who has since lost his license for putting too large of implants in women against their wishes) that I would not be unable to go smaller and that "they wouldn't look right" so I should stick with the 34DDD (800 cc) size I currently was, even though I was extremely uncomfortable in my own skin at that size. Once again Motykie saved the day and was able to reduce my size by 200 ccs and still have them look perfect.

Dr. Gary Motykie also did a wonderful revision job on the scar on my neck that I got courtesy of my wonderful experience of working as a professional wrestler for WWE and my resulting two level fusion surgery. I was left with a thick red scar that was noticeably visible but Motykie was able to correct this for me and I will be forever grateful for his amazing work.

Dr. Motykie is THE God of Plastic Surgery. You may recognize Dr. Motykie from many his many television and media appearances. He's most known for his many appearances on Dr. 90210... but DON'T WORRY, he's not the weird karate guy with the anorexic wife. He is the one who is on that show helping breast cancer survivors that have undergone breast reconstruction but are left with breasts that look and feel alien. He has even received an award from the Celebrate Life Foundation for his dedicated work with breast cancer survivors.

This man is a true artist! Just look over his before and after photos in the portfolio section of his website. Usually doctors specialize in just one thing or another. Motykie has the Midas Touch no matter what his gifted surgeon hands operate on, the results are nothing short of amazing. He's truly gifted and I could not praise him more for what he has done for me! Thank you Dr. Motykie!

And ladies (or men if you swing that way LOL) as an added bonus... there's a reason why he's been dubbed the "Real Dr. McDreamy" and Dr. "HOTykie". Expect to be A LOT a bit wowed about how super hot this lambchop surgeon is... MEEEEEOW!!!! One visit and I just know you'll be saying that "he can put his hands on me anyday"... Hahaha! ;)

For more information, please visit or call the office and tell them Bobbi Billard sent you:

Gary Motykie, M.D.
9201 Sunset Blvd.
Suite 414
Los Angeles, CA 90069
(310) 246-2355

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hot Blood Sundae Kicks Ass!

The movie I'm starring in (Hot Blood Sundae) is ranked the #5 Bestseller in the Movies & TV > Horror > Independently Distributed category and the #88 Bestseller here: Movies & TV > Horror > Frighteningly Funny. I am so thrilled! Thank you so much for supporting my very first acting debut everyone and please help me spread the word. :)

Hot Blood Sundae Update

Woohoo! I have three movies out right now. They are for sale at, (it's not in the Walmart stores though), Suncoast, FYE, Netflix, Blockbuster, etc. but here's a link where you can buy it online.

There are two different versions of my movie so if you are a true Bobbi fan, you should really get both. I'd love to hear which edit you like better so please send me a comment to let me know.

And don't forget that my other movie is out as well. I have several funny scenes in Ryan & Sean's Not So Excellent Adventure. It has been the number one independent film on iTunes for many weeks so check it out too.


Friday, July 10, 2009

Tweeting Your Way To Your New Dream Job?

Economy got you down? Millions of people are using social media sites to score new jobs. Make sure you don't get left behind in the dust. is the new of the ever changing social media age. The advantage to signing up to as opposed to is that with you can sign up to receive email notifications for jobs on a daily basis, subscribers receive notification of a posting immediately. In this economy that lapse in time could mean the difference between getting that awesome new job or you having to continue to pick up your checks at the unemployment office.

However, remember that if you do sign up, those potential employers will have access to your tweets. So... if you are tweeting about your daily drunken escapades wallowing in your sorrow about the woes of being unemployed, that might not be the best way to put your best foot forward.

You might want to make a new Twitter or something. Just a thought... ;)

Anyway, happy job hunting ya'll. And make sure you tweet (and follow) me @BobbiBillard and let me know how it's going for you. Much love and luck. I know it's tough out there.


Thursday, June 4, 2009

I Quit Smoking & You Can Too!

I Quit Smoking Cigarettes On July 22nd, 2008! Woohoo! Wish me luck! :)

I wrote that sentence above almost one year ago. And guess what! I am STILL a non-smoker to this day. I cannot believe it! I finally was able to quit for good.

This USED to be ME but...

I Quit Smoking Cigarettes On July 22nd, 2008! Woohoo! Wish me luck! :)

I wrote that sentence almost one year ago & guess what! I am still a non smoker to this day. I can't believe it! I finally was able to quit for good & the desire is gone. Sayonara! Good riddance!

I started smoking when I was 17. I knew better than to start smoking. We were taught in school that it was bad for you. Unfortunately, I tried clove cigarettes thinking I was so cool. I didn't know that cloves had nicotine in them & were just as addictive as cigarettes. I mean, my mom had cloves in her spice rack in the kitchen. I thought it was just a spice. Stupid me didn't realize what I was doing to myself & before long it was too late & I was already hooked on nicotine. I ended up switching over to regular cigarettes since the cloves were always hard to find (especially when I ran out. It was easier to bum a Marlboro over a Djarum) & the rest is history. Most of the time I was a smoker I hated it & was actively trying to quit. I quit for a year once when I was on the tv show WOW Women of Wrestling but went back to it after a few drinks one night celebrating our first wrestling match. I thought I could just smoke one or be the type of smoker that only smoked when she drank. I couldn't have been more wrong!

I tried almost every method to quit smoking: Nicorette Gum, the patch, Wellbutrin, Freedom Laser, hypnosis, & cold turkey. Chantix was the only thing that put me in the mindset that I have now. I must say if you need help with quitting, Chantix (Champix in Europe) really works! Best stuff I ever took to help me quit. I highly recommend it.

I know now that even one cigarette puff would be detrimental to all the work that I have put in so far & I'm not willing to go back to square one again. Not to mention, there are so many benefit to quitting. I was an asthmatic but now I don't have problems with that anymore. Plus, I have a little dog that probably would have gotten cancer from second hand smoke had I continued. This is the single best thing I've ever done for my health, my family, & the people/animal that I love. If you need help with quitting smoking, add me as a friend on Community.Become An and I will be your quit buddy. Let me know if you need support with your decision to stop quit by posting a comment for me. I will be here for you.

Smoking = Epic FAIL!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

My friend Brandi is going to be on Dr. Phil on Monday for Wedding Nightmares (preview @
K... Must go to bed! Too friggin' tired to compose anymore sentences this evening. Nite! :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Phew! I finally got done inputting all of my passwords into Here's my first test run. Testing... one two three. :)