Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Just saying "no" to another excuse for having a weekend of drunken debauchery!

Another holiday? Blah! Count me out!

I'm not interested in going anywhere or doing anything that involves getting drunk and fucking up my whole entire next day so I don't feel like going to the gym and working out. I don't want to feel like complete dog shit while I lay around eating crappy fattening food, wallowing in my misery from the previous night's festivities.

No mas!

I used to be into going out to clubs, parties, etc. way back in the day. Unfortunately, I burnt myself out at a very young age. I had a fake ID. When I turned 21, it just meant that I could do legally what I already had been doing for all those years anyway. You know what I mean?

So anyway... I spent years of my life working on the computer and went in the exact opposite direction while most of my friends made fun of me for being a computer nerd. I worked on myself and my career and never went out... never did anything fun on holidays. I sacrificed during that time to try and make things better for myself later on in life. And luckily... I have finally started getting the opportunities that all those years of hard work afforded me.

Even though years have passed, I'm still kinda set in my ways of being over the party scene. Don't feel bad for me though. I did get to go out and have some much needed fun recently, but I'm getting my butt back on track now... Literally! LOL!

For the most part, I am a homebody and holidays don't really mean all that much to me. To me it is just another day like any other... With the exception that if you do decide to go out to a party spot on a holiday weekend... it is crazy nuts and packed to the gills with a bunch of barnyards you don't feel like partying with anyway. You have all the drunken idiots bumping into you, spilling their brightly colored drinks on your nice outfit and shoes. I get claustrophobic because its usually too damn crowded! And heaven forbid you have to navigate your way across the sea of people to get to the ladies room! I'm tired of people getting a little "too friendly" in hopes that I will be too drunk to notice that they've just grabbed a body part that they had no business touching in the first place. If I wanted to be "picked up like a bowling ball" by a complete stranger... I'd be at the damn bowling alley, my friends! And who could forget the sloshy sloshertons trying with all their might to compose a sentence, all the while breathing their toxic alcohol/dragon breath on you? Can you say, "trap door to the aligators" people?

Does any of this sound like fun to you? I'm going to pass this year! Maybe I'm just getting old. It is just that when I find myself in places like that, I feel like I need to drink (and heavily for that matter) to get on their level or else I am really in a super crappy mood and feel like knocking someone the fuck out!

So... I'm just saying "no" this time around. Nothing personal ya'll. I've got shit to do and going out is not going to help me get to where I need to be. I have an extremely important photoshoot on the 24th and the 25th. I'll be at the gym if you need me. It's all about those sacrifices you know... :)

Love you guys! Mwaa!

Bobbi Billard