Monday, July 30, 2007

Friday, July 27, 2007

Check me out in this video... Fireball - What I Want

Check me out in this video... Fireball - What I Want

Bobbi Billard

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Lost... My Fave Primp Unicorn Hoodie! :(

I just got back from Pleasanton, California. I'm so bummed. I lost my favorite hoodie! I was so tired getting onto the plane that I think I left it at the Burbank Airport. When I arrived in Oakland, I went back to the plane because I thought I had left it there and the steward went to look for it. While there, another man showed up because he had left his wallet on the plane. He overheard my conversation and interjected... He said, "Was it a blue hoodie?" I told him that it was. He said that someone had found it at the Burbank Airport and was trying to figure out who it belonged to. So I decided to leave thinking that I would just pick it up when I got back to Burbank the next day. However, after arriving today and going to both Southworst baggage service and the mini police station / lost and found, it appears that it was no where to be found! I'm sad! I'm going to miss that hoodie. It was 1/2 of my favorite comfy outfit! Damn dishonest people!

The event was fun last night. I got to hang out a bit with Chantelle Paige a bit. She's a sweetheart! And guess who I ran into... of all the places! I saw this guy walking around and he towered over all the guys there. I racked my brand and was like where do I know that guy from? I thought he might be one of the pro wrestler guys I knew while I was in Kentucky working for WWE but I couldn't place it. Later on in the evening he came up to me and asked me to dance. At that moment it hit me. He was the same guy that I had met all the way in Columbus, Ohio when I was working at a booth at the Arnold Classic. I have a photo of him and I on my myspace in which he is shoulder pressing me. I also have a video of it up on my youtube. The strange thing is that he didn't live out there either. He is from Arizona and was out there visiting a friend. Small world!

My friend Ika picked me up at the airport. I guess Gucci went on a hunger strike while I was gone and would not eat but he is eating now. Poor guy missed me! Anyway, we are headed out this evening to some Rock & Republic party with my manager, Adrianne Curry, and her best friend (who just so happens to be kicking ass in my Best of the Net Contest). I'll let you know how it goes.


Friday, July 13, 2007

So I finally did my Adam Carolla radio show appearance this morning. I've been a wreck all week. I was extremely nervous because like I said in my last blog, I had a really bad experience on my first real radio station interview in which I had a major panic attack and my mind ran blank. So I threw myself out there again to deal with my fears and I think I am getting better. However, the butterflies were going off in my stomach all week until last night I actually got sick and threw up. Then when I got to the radio station, the same thing happened. Luckily, it didn't happen while I was in the studio. I felt like doing that messed up my voice a bit but for the most part, I listened to the rebroadcast and thought that I did well considering the circumstances. My time got cut a bit short because Michael Moore was late and his time went over. I didn't get to say all the things that I wanted to say. I only got in one plug in for my NowLive Best of the Net contest. Guess that's better than nothing though.

I plan on going on to some more radio shows so that I can get a chance to talk about everything I was planning on talking about during The Adam Carolla Show. More practice will do me some good. I will keep working at it until I become an old pro at all this stuff. I really appreciate the fact that some of you were there listening. If you liked the show, please post on their forum. Some of the people on there are giving myspace and me a bad name. Click here to visit their forum discussion on my appearance.

Thanks! I appreciate it! :)

Gotta pack now... Leaving to Northern California to host at Club Aura in Pleasanton, California tonite. See ya'll later.


Bobbi Billard on the Adam Carolla Show this Friday the 13th!
Click here to listen to me on the show!

Radio Stations List:

Los Angeles - 97.1 Free FM
San Francisco - 1550 KYCY AM
Portland - 101.1 KUFO FM
Las Vegas - 107.5 KXTE FM
Sacramento - 106.5 KWOD FM
Seattle - 107.7 KNDD FM
Reno - 100.9 KRZQ FM
Fresno - 104.1 KFRR FM
Palm Springs - 99.5 KMRJ FM

I have some special career announcements to make so make sure you tune in to get the scoop! And here's a hint... I have a brand new KICKASS contest that will rock your socks off! If you thought that the "Win A Date with Bobbi" Contest was great... just wait until you hear about THIS! I will be making my very first announcement about it so make sure you are there to get all the info.

Bobbi Billard

Thursday, July 12, 2007


I had a great camshow yesterday evening. I really missed you guys! Sorry to take such a long hiatus but I am back in the swing of things again. If you haven't heard already, my career is really taking off. So much so, that I had to part with my gorgeous house in the OC and am relocating up to Los Angeles. I put my house on the market and it sold after only 12 days. It's amazing how everything fell into place. I attribute this partially to "The Secret", which I have been blogging about so much on my myspace. Incorporating positive thinking has really changed my life!

So anyway... I was away from my computer and was stuck in LA working. However, I finally went back and got all of my equipment and set up shop in my friend Ika's apartment. I am currently looking for a place to call home but not sure where I want to live yet. Still scoping out LA. This place is like a foreign country to me. I never ever thought I would be living out here but I actually love it!

I added some new pics to my myspace. Go check them out here. I think they are different than the typical shots I usually do. I'm liking them a lot so far.

I also posted a blog on my myspace to let you guys know that I will be going on the Adam Carolla Show tomorrow. To be completely honest, I have had butterflies in my tummy the whole week leading up to this show. Particularly, when a friend told me that they had another one of the myspace girls on and ended up rating her the worst guest of all time. I did a radio show a long time ago when I was on WOW Women of Wrestling. It was a really bad experience for me. I ended up having a panic attack and I froze up and choked. My mind ran blank. I can't even remember what I said on there but I know that I did horrible. I think they had sensed I was having issues because they only asked me one question and did not come back to me. While that told me that I hadn't done that great a job, I didn't have any desire to talk anymore on the air. I was completely freaking out. I haven't done another radio show since (although I have done several online and now do my own online radio show at NowLive. So, as you can see, this is a big step for me. I am looking forward to it but still a bit nervous when I think about. I just hope that I can get my funny side out while speaking to these talented commedians and personalities. Wish me luck!


Wednesday, July 11, 2007