Sunday, February 25, 2007

Save the DRAMA for your Momma... Take 2... Roll 'em!

So the story gets even more interesting. I never mentioned who the designer was by name but he decided to reply to my last posting. Now the cat is out of the bag in case you want to know who I found out is actually responsible for all of the DRAMA.

"Correction there Bobbi...this time I asked Falcon to take down my graphics from his photobucket you and me agreed on it you no longer using my graphics anyway right ?

Oh and thought this whole discussion was something personal between you and me ?....."

I found out that it was not Falcon who willingly removed the graphics but it is the designer guy "Tony" that took it upon himself to do so. You all have Tony to blame for the broken links on your page, not Falcon. You see, Falcon received an email from Tony because Tony figured out that Falcon was the one who was hosting my contact tables on his PhotoBucket. He demanded that Falcon remove them and then contacted PhotoBucket and said that it was his copyrighted material and remove it immediately. PhotoBucket then contacted Falcon and he was in danger of losing his PhotoBucket so of course he complied. And I would never expect Falcon to go and lose his account because of me. It wouldn't be fair to expect that of him... especially since we don't talk anymore. See my earlier blog for why.

Back to the designer guy. My last correspondence with him was 2 days ago in which I let him know that I had replaced the banners but I hadn't had a chance to work on the contact tables yet. Apparently, even after receiving my update, it was of urgent importance to Tony at Mister Pecker Webdesign to make absolutely sure that I or anyone else on MySpace for that matter was not using his contact tables. It necessitated him taking matters into his own hands and contacting PhotoBucket to make sure all of my stuff was deleted immediately. I get it! LMFAO!

And sorry Tony, but I never once said, "Hey guy... keep fucking with me and I promise I won't tell anyone!" Give me a break! Where is it that I said I am going to keep this between you and me while you are going out of your way to be impossible to deal with? I don't owe you any anonymity. Especially when I didn't even say your name but you went and told on yourself anyway by posting that comment on my last blog. I guess you come from the school that "there is no such thing as bad press", but I beg to differ, my friend. You see... whether you like it or not, there are a lot of models that read what I have to say and take notice... So here's a shovel dude! Ya' dig?

In short... I have already wasted enough time on this asshole already. If I were you, I would not work with this guy. He will provide you with free shit but in the end, it won't be worth it. Heaven forbid you don't have him up in your top 8 or plaster a commercial for his shady webdesign service all over your page. I know a lot of people and I am going to personally warn them all to avoid him like the plague. It's a small world baby!

Bobbi Billard

I am soooo over MySpace DRAMA!

If you had my banner up on your page and it is not there anymore, I apologize. There were circumstances beyond my control that went down. Please pick up the new codes on my page.

I am so sick and tired of people that bug me because of my MySpace. I lose friends for no reason because of what I will and will not do with my MySpace. It's pathetic! I lost a fan/friend recently because I would not post a bulletin to help some chick he was interested in get more friends on MySpace. And now, this is the second time this week that I have dealt with drama because of this website. I have just severed another long term business relationship over it.

People seem to have a sense of entitlement these days. The world owes them something. Whatever happened to people doing things for someone just because? I do it all the time. I send out free autographed photos to fans. I spend my time autographing that stuff to be nice to my fans only to find people turning around and selling it on ebay. People just downright suck! And you know what? I still spend my time (and money) doing nice things for my fans... I don't know how else to be.

Just a few days ago, I got into it with a guy recently who has made me banners on and off over the years. He's been making me banners since before MySpace existed. He's a very talented guy who I always thought was cool until recently. A while back when Falcon was helping me with stuff, he had supposedly asked this guy to redesign my page for me. The guy agreed. Here's where the story becomes he said she said... Falcon told me that this graphic designer guy had blown me off and he watched as the guy designed MySpace profiles for model after model. He said that he didn't bring it up anymore because the guy obviously wasn't interested. I agreed, if the guy didn't see value in redesigning my page (in which he could stick one of his little banners on there as payment), then I'm definitely not one to beg. If I were better at designing, I would want to do my page. Exposure to over 900,000 people. Doesn't take a rocket scientist (love you Vee) to figure that one out! According to this designer guy, he had asked for photos so that he could redesign my page but Falcon never gave him any and so he never got around to doing my page. And Falcon never asked me for high-res photos for this guy... very interesting! Anyway, out of both of these two scenarios, the designer's rendition of things is probably true because it seemed as if while Falcon was around, he wanted to keep me isolated from other people that I talked to. Long story behind that but I know I'm right because I have my sources and we figured all of this out by comparing notes after the fact.

So a while back when Falcon deleted all of my graphics off of my myspace, I wasn't sure if I had saved the banners that this designer guy had made for me so I contacted him to see if I could get him to send them to me. However, Falcon ended up putting my graphics back up and I got to see what went where so I didn't end up needing this guy's help after all. And now I wish I had never emailed the guy because here is what happened. Bryant's design team revamped my myspace and I think that designer guy got pissed that he wasn't the one who redid my page. I received an email from him and he took a very rude tone with me demanding that I place a link to him on my page and/or add him to my top friends because he had made me banners. He said he didn't want my new designer to get credit for his work. But wouldn't he be getting credit for the new designer's work if I placed his link on there? Anyway, I explained to him that my new designer isn't even getting credit for his work. I told him that I was busy getting ready for Miami and that I would email him when I got back in town. And then as you guys know because I wrote about it in my journal, I was pretty much sick for weeks after I got home. This whole time, the guy kept blowing up my email and getting pushier about his demands each time. Finally when I got back in front of the computer and read all of his emails, I got pissed. It is a major pet peeve of mine when people get all agro about responding to emails in an amount of time they deem is an appropriate response time. I've got a zillion different accounts on a zillion different sites that all have people emailing me an overwhelming amount of correspondence. I sometimes wish that I wasn't so popular on all these sites and I could just chill and look like the good guy that responds to everything in a timely fashion. Unfortunately, I have been past that point for many years now. I borrowed some words of wisdom from Bryant in which I changed it to make it more like my own and told the guy... "Please do not take it as a personal insult if I do not get back to you within a span of time YOU feel is appropriate. I receive an overwhelming amount of email, have a busy modeling career, run my website by myself without a webmaster, do weekly camshows for multiple cam networks, and am often at the gym for hours a day. Not to mention, I have family nearby (a mom that I like to spend time with along with my sister and a 1 year old nephew) and a life. I do try my best to get back to people as soon as I can."

Our discussion already got off on the wrong foot right there. And the timing aspect of it made me pretty annoyed because I could see right thru to the whole point of him tripping on me... He was mad because I had had my page redesigned by someone else... Plain and simple. Nothing had changed from my old page to the current redesign. I had his banners up then... no link to him. No top 24 placement. Nothing! And there was no problem. What I had done back in the day (and I thought we were square since he's been cool with me up until this point) was show my appreciation by putting that guy on the map on myspace. I posted a bulletin to show my thanks and appreciation for making the banners and contact tables. And I got the guy one third (over 2000) of the friends he has on myspace, not to mention paid jobs. A year has passed and now all of a sudden, the guy is pissed and wants more. He has decided that the bulletin wasn't enough and now he wants placement in my top 24 and/or a link to him on my page even though I never had that in the first place. And that wasn't our agreement. He contacted me because he had made me these banners... not the other way around. I didn't ask for them... he made them as a so called gift. He didn't say, if you use these then I expect this in return. And I'm not a taker in life.... I did what I could to pay him back (i.e. posting a bulletin to get him a bunch of friends). Now he's citing the fact that I have a link to Bryant as why he is entitled to his own link but I have had Bryant's link up well before he ever helped me with my page redesign. This is such a bunch of bullshit!

I'm trying to be fair here so I write him back and explain that I have been sick. I even sent my journal entries from the member's area of my website as evidence. I offer up some solutions because I don't understand why a year has gone by and all of a sudden I haven't done enough to pay him back for making the banners/contact tables. I tell him that I can either A) take them down completely or B) pay him a fair price for his work. And long story short, I had to have it out with this designer guy. Apparently, he felt entitled to a link because I have Bryant in my top 24 and a link to his page on my page. He seemed to think that Bryant was my graphic designer. I had to explain to him that he was my publicist and that it wasn't him that designed my page, but his design team, and regardless, what did this have to do with him? He accused me of being a liar (definitely didn't make me want to appease this guy after that) and was all up on Bryant's page trying to prove that Bryant was actually my graphic designer and not my publicist because of stuff that I had posted to him on his page which he misinterpreted. The guy thought he was Sherlock friggin' Holmes uncovering a mystery when there was absolutely no mystery. It was totally ridiculous. I was being straight forward and honest with him the whole time. So I had to get all into it and explain to him why I link to Bryant and what our relationship was, etc. It was so stupid and I can't believe I had to waste my time with this crap! I shouldn't have to explain to anyone why I have anyone's link on my page. It's not his or anyone else's business! And who I have links to is totally irrelevant.

And anyway, let's be honest... me placing a link to this guy for making a total of five banner and contact tables for me is way more payment than he deserves. Especially after I am the one who even put that guy on the map on myspace to begin with. I got him one third of the friends he has now along with paid gigs. I can delete his banners off of my page but is he willing to delete all the friends that I got for him? Probably not! And... I have people offering me $500 on up per month for ad space and I turn it down all day long because I don't want my page to become some sort of spamfest. Why would I give him a permanent link month after month when it only costs like $20 to hire a good designer to make a banner? Times that by the five things he made for me and it comes out to $100. $100 chump change that I would gladly pay this guy for his work but now he doesn't want money. The guy does graphic design for a living and all of a sudden he doesn't want money for his work. No wonder... with a link on my page, he would be getting more than $100 value each and every month. Now I'm starting to get why he is being such a hard ass about getting a link!

Not to mention there isn't an aesthetically pleasing way to add a link to this guy. I just had my page made more professional. Adding links next to every banner and contact table turns my page back from professional into amateur. Can you imagine if I had to place credit on everything on my page? This person took this photo, this person made that banner, my page would look like crap. That's why I thought it was completely fair to either pay him for his work (which he decided to take the stubborn road and decline) or take the banners down and replace them, which is what I ended up doing. This guy is smoked.... he certainly is not the only designer in town!

Does this guy not get that just because I am blonde, I am not dumb? And don't you think that if you go out of your way to do something for someone, you shouldn't expect or demand something in return? Especially one year after the fact when I was thinking we were square already! Or at least you should be up front and honest about what it is that you want in return. I told this guy he could stand to learn something from Bryant. We all could really!

Now you can see why I am at my wits end for people trying to muscle their way on my top 8, post a bulletin for me Bobbi.... do this, do that! I'm so sick of this crap! It's friggin myspace.... big deal! Get over it! It's not like most of these people are really doing anything major with their myspaces anyway. What will a few more friends really do for you? I would be embarrassed to try and get ahead like this! And I never pulled any of these antics to get the amount of friends I have now.

Anyway, I am done helping people that have some sort of hidden agenda / ticking timebomb bullshit going on within them. I am all about helping people but in this new phase in my life, I am helping people that are deserving. It's unfortunate that what I do for a living draws all sorts of people like this to me. I just hope for the wisdom to be able to tell early on what people are about. I am getting better at reading people. And from now on, when someone makes me something and I decide to use it on my page, I want to know what the catch is up front. I'm going to get it all in the open to begin with so that I don't have to deal with anymore of these nasty surprises later on down the line.

Oh well... there are new banners up on my myspace page so you can get the updated codes to place my banner up once again. I'm sorry that some of your pages are messed up. I promise I will never allow that to happen ever again. Obviously, it was out of my hands.

I will get you guys some new contact tables soon. It's in the works.

And some of you offered to make me graphics... If anyone wants to make me some, you can email them to me at No trippers though PLEASE! I've had more than my fair share... just looking for some NORMAL people just like it says on my profile. *Giggle*

Love you guys! Mwaa!

Bobbi Billard