Thursday, November 15, 2007

Help Fight World Hunger With the Click of a Mouse!

Help fight hunger with the click of a mouse. This site is FREE! It doesn't cost a thing but your time. You can help out a worthy cause while you might even learn a thing or two. Please click the banner below, answer the vocabulary questions, and will donate a portion of rice to the United Nations to help end world hunger. Please spread the word to all your friends and make a difference in this world! Thanks ya'll!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

NEW Revamped MySpace Profile Text! :)

First off... Happy Halloween!

And... I fixed the problem with my MySpace page thanks in part to help from both Eazy-D and DiDi! Thank you both for taking time out of your day to help me out! It is much appreciated. :)

And thanks to everyone else too. :)

So... I did it. I finally got around to changing my MySpace profile text ala "The Secret" and reflecting the new ME. I know I was promising that I was going to do this quite a while back but I finally had a chance to get around to it AND was inspired enough to write it all out today. It was a bit hard for me to let go and hit the delete button on some of the stuff that was written there. I will still miss a lot of what I had written. Some of it had a good message. I talked about how girls are mean to guys that come up to them in bars and how girls shouldn't be mean to someone who found them attractive and had the balls to approach them. There was also the part about "When it comes to games, I can be Milton Bradley, but why should I have to go there?" that I thought was pretty clever at one time.

Some of it was easier than other parts to let go of...

For instance, this part:

"I'd love to meet some NORMAL people! I'm not a big fan of DRAMA and I can't stand the whole "it's all about what you drive, where you live, how much money you make, what brand of clothes you are wearing" typical L.A. bullshit that I have to deal with on a day to day basis. Don't get me wrong, I like nice things like the next person, but if you base your entire existence on that... you are one sad individual! I believe in working hard and playing even harder. I'm a very generous person... but don't take me for granted. Looks can be deceiving... I'm a whole lot smarter than I may look to you. It's not difficult to get along with me, please just be REAL and use common courtesy and all will be good."

and this...

"What's my type? Well, the first thing that attracts me to a man is how he speaks. Intelligence is such a turn on. After that to keep me around, treat me well! Be the same person that I met and liked in the beginning. Don't turn from Dr. Jekyll into Mr. Hyde... I'll call you on it, believe me! I absolutely hate games... when it comes to games, I can be Milton fucking Bradley... but why should I have to go there? Basically, nice guys never finish last in my book! So be nice, or be gone!"

Even though, I liked what I wrote and was proud of it, some unoriginal chick that I used to hang out with jacked some parts of my profile text and posted it on her own profile a while back. It used to be that she gave me credit for it and mentioned my name. However, when we stopped hanging out, she removed the credit, acting as if she had written it herself. Plagiarism on myspace at it's finest, I tell ya! I tried to ask her why but she wouldn't respond to my messages, nor would she delete it off her page. I guess I should be flattered, after all, they say, imitation is flattery, correct? However, it is a bit annoying when you took the time to think up something witty and then other people are reading it elsewhere, not just on your page. Then it looks as if maybe they wrote it and you are the clepto. Get what I mean? Awww well... I am done with it. She can have the text and with it the negativity that I feel goes along with it.

I took it off my profile for a reason. By talking about DRAMA, games and game playing, people that are superficial, etc., I am putting that out there in the universe and therefore will be attracting more of the same. Fuck that! It's gone! It's all yours now girlie q! Enjoy! ;)

I hope you all like the new stuff I wrote on my profile. I am quite happy with it and think that it reflects the new "ME" very nicely. Let me know what you think. :)

Bobbi Billard

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Toro! Toro! I’m in Spain!

Hey everyone... I'm out of town right now in Barcelona, Spain. I came out here to shoot the cover and a feature for Interviu Magazine, which is one of the most popular magazines out here. What an honor to be chosen for an opportunity like this! I am so thankful. The shoot went awesome! I got to see the photos already and pick out my favorites. And not to toot my own horn or anything but BEEP BEEP, hahaha! The photos are HOT HOT HOT or shall I say, muy caliente! I can't wait to see the finished product. Yet another successful shoot this month... I'm feeling really happy, proud of myself, and fortunate to be where I'm at right no!

I am staying with my friend Karli Madaline aka DelishAss. She's showing me around and taking good care of me out here. :) She is also the one who hooked me up with the job, which is a rare thing for another model to go out of her way to help someone else in the same business. Karli is an amazing person and such a gem so please make sure to add her as a friend on MySpace.

I can't stress enough how great an experience this is to be in a foreign country with someone who speaks the language and knows their way around. She's the best tour guide ever! She and I have similar taste and everything she has taken me to so far I have absolutely loved. Spain is officially my favorite country in Europe that I have had the pleasure of visiting. I love the architecture and the Mediterranean style. And... One of my favorite artists as a child was Picasso, so I am planning on visiting some museums to check out some of his work while I am out here. This is an absolute dream come true! There is a beautiful view of the ocean from the balcony that I am sitting on while typing this to you. It's amazingly gorgeous and breathtaking! I only wish you were here too... :(

So far on my trip, I've had the chance to order some kickass gazpacho. I've also shared a pitcher of sangria, which just so happened to have the closest taste as I've been able to find to my late father's recipe. Unfortunately, I didn't have the foresight to ask him how to make it before he died, but on to happier thoughts and subjects...

I will be doing my radio show on this Sunday at 6 pm Pacific (9 pm Eastern... and 3 am Spain time, woohoo!) along with my friend Karli. After that, I will be doing some of the talk shows down here to promote my magazine cover and feature on Thursday. Then, on Friday, I take off for Germany to visit my another one of my girlfriends, Heather. I will also get to see my god-daughter, Kaitlyn. I have been really looking forward to seeing them. I feel as if it's been ages since the last time we hung out, about four years to be exact. This trip has been long overdue for quite some time.

I will keep you all posted on my adventures and will be updating you with some new pics and videos on my MySpace profile soon so please keep checking in with me. I hope all is well with everyone back in the US. I miss you all but don't worry... I'll be back soon! Thanks for reading. I'll catch up with you guys later.

UPDATE: Check out some of the behind the scenes videos on my YouTube channel over at While you are there, please add me as a friend and subscribe to my channel so that you don't miss a thing.

Bobbi Billard

Friday, September 14, 2007

Want to play with me?

Here's your chance to play poker with me AND help out a worthy cause!

Go to and purchase your Tournament Seat by 9/20/07 using promotional code "BB". The first 8 people to sign up get to play at my table with ME!

All proceeds benefit LAYN which is dedicated to getting homeless Los Angeles teens off the street and on with their healthy lives through various housing and shelter facilities, counseling and educational programs, all dedicated to help those kids in need. LAYN currently owns and operates three shelters in Hollywood and this event's goal is to raise money to build a new independent living facility. So please help me to spread the word as it would be really nice to raise some money for this charity!

The event will be hosted by Brooke Burke and there will be a ton of celebrities in attendance. I really hope to see you there! :)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Just saying "no" to another excuse for having a weekend of drunken debauchery!

Another holiday? Blah! Count me out!

I'm not interested in going anywhere or doing anything that involves getting drunk and fucking up my whole entire next day so I don't feel like going to the gym and working out. I don't want to feel like complete dog shit while I lay around eating crappy fattening food, wallowing in my misery from the previous night's festivities.

No mas!

I used to be into going out to clubs, parties, etc. way back in the day. Unfortunately, I burnt myself out at a very young age. I had a fake ID. When I turned 21, it just meant that I could do legally what I already had been doing for all those years anyway. You know what I mean?

So anyway... I spent years of my life working on the computer and went in the exact opposite direction while most of my friends made fun of me for being a computer nerd. I worked on myself and my career and never went out... never did anything fun on holidays. I sacrificed during that time to try and make things better for myself later on in life. And luckily... I have finally started getting the opportunities that all those years of hard work afforded me.

Even though years have passed, I'm still kinda set in my ways of being over the party scene. Don't feel bad for me though. I did get to go out and have some much needed fun recently, but I'm getting my butt back on track now... Literally! LOL!

For the most part, I am a homebody and holidays don't really mean all that much to me. To me it is just another day like any other... With the exception that if you do decide to go out to a party spot on a holiday weekend... it is crazy nuts and packed to the gills with a bunch of barnyards you don't feel like partying with anyway. You have all the drunken idiots bumping into you, spilling their brightly colored drinks on your nice outfit and shoes. I get claustrophobic because its usually too damn crowded! And heaven forbid you have to navigate your way across the sea of people to get to the ladies room! I'm tired of people getting a little "too friendly" in hopes that I will be too drunk to notice that they've just grabbed a body part that they had no business touching in the first place. If I wanted to be "picked up like a bowling ball" by a complete stranger... I'd be at the damn bowling alley, my friends! And who could forget the sloshy sloshertons trying with all their might to compose a sentence, all the while breathing their toxic alcohol/dragon breath on you? Can you say, "trap door to the aligators" people?

Does any of this sound like fun to you? I'm going to pass this year! Maybe I'm just getting old. It is just that when I find myself in places like that, I feel like I need to drink (and heavily for that matter) to get on their level or else I am really in a super crappy mood and feel like knocking someone the fuck out!

So... I'm just saying "no" this time around. Nothing personal ya'll. I've got shit to do and going out is not going to help me get to where I need to be. I have an extremely important photoshoot on the 24th and the 25th. I'll be at the gym if you need me. It's all about those sacrifices you know... :)

Love you guys! Mwaa!

Bobbi Billard

Monday, July 30, 2007

Friday, July 27, 2007

Check me out in this video... Fireball - What I Want

Check me out in this video... Fireball - What I Want

Bobbi Billard

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Lost... My Fave Primp Unicorn Hoodie! :(

I just got back from Pleasanton, California. I'm so bummed. I lost my favorite hoodie! I was so tired getting onto the plane that I think I left it at the Burbank Airport. When I arrived in Oakland, I went back to the plane because I thought I had left it there and the steward went to look for it. While there, another man showed up because he had left his wallet on the plane. He overheard my conversation and interjected... He said, "Was it a blue hoodie?" I told him that it was. He said that someone had found it at the Burbank Airport and was trying to figure out who it belonged to. So I decided to leave thinking that I would just pick it up when I got back to Burbank the next day. However, after arriving today and going to both Southworst baggage service and the mini police station / lost and found, it appears that it was no where to be found! I'm sad! I'm going to miss that hoodie. It was 1/2 of my favorite comfy outfit! Damn dishonest people!

The event was fun last night. I got to hang out a bit with Chantelle Paige a bit. She's a sweetheart! And guess who I ran into... of all the places! I saw this guy walking around and he towered over all the guys there. I racked my brand and was like where do I know that guy from? I thought he might be one of the pro wrestler guys I knew while I was in Kentucky working for WWE but I couldn't place it. Later on in the evening he came up to me and asked me to dance. At that moment it hit me. He was the same guy that I had met all the way in Columbus, Ohio when I was working at a booth at the Arnold Classic. I have a photo of him and I on my myspace in which he is shoulder pressing me. I also have a video of it up on my youtube. The strange thing is that he didn't live out there either. He is from Arizona and was out there visiting a friend. Small world!

My friend Ika picked me up at the airport. I guess Gucci went on a hunger strike while I was gone and would not eat but he is eating now. Poor guy missed me! Anyway, we are headed out this evening to some Rock & Republic party with my manager, Adrianne Curry, and her best friend (who just so happens to be kicking ass in my Best of the Net Contest). I'll let you know how it goes.


Friday, July 13, 2007

So I finally did my Adam Carolla radio show appearance this morning. I've been a wreck all week. I was extremely nervous because like I said in my last blog, I had a really bad experience on my first real radio station interview in which I had a major panic attack and my mind ran blank. So I threw myself out there again to deal with my fears and I think I am getting better. However, the butterflies were going off in my stomach all week until last night I actually got sick and threw up. Then when I got to the radio station, the same thing happened. Luckily, it didn't happen while I was in the studio. I felt like doing that messed up my voice a bit but for the most part, I listened to the rebroadcast and thought that I did well considering the circumstances. My time got cut a bit short because Michael Moore was late and his time went over. I didn't get to say all the things that I wanted to say. I only got in one plug in for my NowLive Best of the Net contest. Guess that's better than nothing though.

I plan on going on to some more radio shows so that I can get a chance to talk about everything I was planning on talking about during The Adam Carolla Show. More practice will do me some good. I will keep working at it until I become an old pro at all this stuff. I really appreciate the fact that some of you were there listening. If you liked the show, please post on their forum. Some of the people on there are giving myspace and me a bad name. Click here to visit their forum discussion on my appearance.

Thanks! I appreciate it! :)

Gotta pack now... Leaving to Northern California to host at Club Aura in Pleasanton, California tonite. See ya'll later.


Bobbi Billard on the Adam Carolla Show this Friday the 13th!
Click here to listen to me on the show!

Radio Stations List:

Los Angeles - 97.1 Free FM
San Francisco - 1550 KYCY AM
Portland - 101.1 KUFO FM
Las Vegas - 107.5 KXTE FM
Sacramento - 106.5 KWOD FM
Seattle - 107.7 KNDD FM
Reno - 100.9 KRZQ FM
Fresno - 104.1 KFRR FM
Palm Springs - 99.5 KMRJ FM

I have some special career announcements to make so make sure you tune in to get the scoop! And here's a hint... I have a brand new KICKASS contest that will rock your socks off! If you thought that the "Win A Date with Bobbi" Contest was great... just wait until you hear about THIS! I will be making my very first announcement about it so make sure you are there to get all the info.

Bobbi Billard

Thursday, July 12, 2007


I had a great camshow yesterday evening. I really missed you guys! Sorry to take such a long hiatus but I am back in the swing of things again. If you haven't heard already, my career is really taking off. So much so, that I had to part with my gorgeous house in the OC and am relocating up to Los Angeles. I put my house on the market and it sold after only 12 days. It's amazing how everything fell into place. I attribute this partially to "The Secret", which I have been blogging about so much on my myspace. Incorporating positive thinking has really changed my life!

So anyway... I was away from my computer and was stuck in LA working. However, I finally went back and got all of my equipment and set up shop in my friend Ika's apartment. I am currently looking for a place to call home but not sure where I want to live yet. Still scoping out LA. This place is like a foreign country to me. I never ever thought I would be living out here but I actually love it!

I added some new pics to my myspace. Go check them out here. I think they are different than the typical shots I usually do. I'm liking them a lot so far.

I also posted a blog on my myspace to let you guys know that I will be going on the Adam Carolla Show tomorrow. To be completely honest, I have had butterflies in my tummy the whole week leading up to this show. Particularly, when a friend told me that they had another one of the myspace girls on and ended up rating her the worst guest of all time. I did a radio show a long time ago when I was on WOW Women of Wrestling. It was a really bad experience for me. I ended up having a panic attack and I froze up and choked. My mind ran blank. I can't even remember what I said on there but I know that I did horrible. I think they had sensed I was having issues because they only asked me one question and did not come back to me. While that told me that I hadn't done that great a job, I didn't have any desire to talk anymore on the air. I was completely freaking out. I haven't done another radio show since (although I have done several online and now do my own online radio show at NowLive. So, as you can see, this is a big step for me. I am looking forward to it but still a bit nervous when I think about. I just hope that I can get my funny side out while speaking to these talented commedians and personalities. Wish me luck!


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Thursday, June 14, 2007

What I Want! :)

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to drop you a line to say hello since quite some time has passed since I have last written. Also, I wanted to let you know about a couple of things.

I wanted to mention that I hit the one million friends mark on my MySpace profile over at back in April. I wanted to thank you all for your continued support of my career. I couldn't have done it without YOU and it is always much appreciated! :)

Here's what's new with my career. I just shot a music video yesterday for an artist named Fireball who is from Trinidad...
The song that we did the video for ("What I Want") is on his profile. I also shot with the world famous DJ Bob Sinclar...

Add both of them as friends on MySpace! :)

This video should be shown on MTV in Europe and hopefully MTV US will see how sexy the video is and air it there as well. And once it comes out, I will post it on my MySpace as well. It was a really fun shoot in spite of the fact that it was filmed in a dry lake bed in the middle of a desert. It was 100 degrees out and hot as hell! I was glad to prance around in bikinis and skimpy outfits in that weather. Geez! And they even picked me for an additional featured role wearing my usual Baywatch gimmick. Can you say "type cast"? Ha! It's always a pleasure to have the opportunity to throw on that red bathing suit in roles on TV. :)

I am currently featured in the June 2007 issue of Esquire Magazine in Turkey. I have a 2 page layout with some hot photos.

Speaking of hot photos, I was recently featured on the cover and pages of People Magazine in Australia. They wrote a nice little article about me and I was named one of the 20 hottest online babes. Woohoo! Gooooooo world domination baby! :)

Also, I wanted to invite you to check out a new site that I have been actively participating on. It's called and it is a site that is sort of like MySpace on steroids. LOL! What I mean is that you can not only make new friends and add and comment them and all that good stuff that MySpace has to offer... but it also incorporates the technology that allows you to set up your very own LIVE radio show. I do a weekly show there. You can check it out at
In addition to being able to do your own LIVE show, there is a chatroom in which you can chat with the other people that are listening to your show and you can all upload photos and videos to discuss while you are on the air. It's really quite a nice site so I'd suggest that you check it out over at and while you are there, please add me. You can find my profile at

I'm often there supporting the other user shows and chatting in the chatrooms so look for me. My name in the chats is Bobbi_Billard and it is in pink and I have a *star next to it so you know it is really me. Would I even have it any other way? *giggle* Seriously though, I love having the chance to get to know you all better on NowLive. My MySpace can get pretty crazy to keep up with as you can probably imagine. Especially since I have hit the one million friends mark. Woot woot!

I'm also doing a calendar contest and I need your help. I am looking for models to appear in my very first calendar. It will be called Best of the Net 2008. The models that enter have a chance to win $500 and a spot in my calendar plus tons of exposure. If you know of any models that are interested, please send them my way. They can enter at

And... I need your help in selecting the models that will be appearing in my calendar. Please rock the vote! Sign up for a profile on and login. Then go to and vote for the hotties that are already entered. You can vote one time per girl and you can vote for as many different girls as you want so choose wisely. I think it is cool to have all of you give your input on this because I really care what you guys think.

In closing, I wanted to let you know that all of this good stuff has been happening to me lately since I read and started practicing "The Secret". I'm really excited about this new way of life that I have discovered thanks to a few friends of mine. If you aren't hip to it then get with the program. I've been doing so much better since I started. I wanted to share with you a couple of videos that I watch daily to help put me in a great mood each and every day and help me to visualize the success that I have been achieving. Here's where you can watch them too...

Please keep me posted on your results. I want you all to have an amazing day each and every day. I wish you the best of luck in all that you do in life.

Just so you know, everything that I have discussed in this journal entry is completely FREE so enjoy checking all of it out at your leisure. Love you all!

Thanks again for everything! I'll update you guys as soon as I have something new to talk about. :)


Thursday, May 3, 2007

So last time I wrote, I was telling you all about The Secret. Well I am pleased to announce that it is already working for me. My new agent (the one that reps Adrianne Curry that she recommended to me) called and told me some great news. I wish I could share it with you guys but I learned my lesson after last time. I'm going to keep this a secret until it comes out this time around. But let me tell you... I just got something HUGE! I'm really excited!

I'm sorry I haven't written but I've been so busy lately. I shot for People Magazine in Australia last week. The shots came out awesome! It's going to be a kickass layout. I can't wait for it to come out. Then I had to fly all the way to Detroit, Michigan to host a club out there. That was pretty cool! I got to meet this actor named Jesse Metcalf from Desperate Housewives. Sorry guys... I didn't get a photo (story of my life). I was so scatterbrained while packing that I forgot to bring my camera. I finally found someone else who had one and was willing to let me use theirs. The promoter had pulled me aside and told me to wait in the VIP area because he wanted me to do some interview with Mr. Metcalf in the VIP room. I waited for him to come back but he vanished. Ahh well... Damn slippery celebs! I'm reminded why I used to never even try to grab photo ops with them in the first place. To me they are just normal people like everyone else. What's the big deal?

Anyway, I partied my ass off in Detroit and flew home early the next day. As soon as I arrived, I had my radio show to do on NowLive. I was pretty exhausted from my trip but since I have committed to so the show must go on! Now I just need to get my camshows back on track. So don't worry guys... I have scheduled one for this Saturday after my shoot. I am going to be shooting again for American Curves and the other fitness magazines this weekend. Hope to see you at my next camshow. :)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Secret to success and happiness!

've been hearing a lot about a book recently. It's called "The Secret" and I believe it was first made popular by Oprah Winfrey and her book club. I seem to remember my personal assistant LoriDawn and my professional organizer (LoriDawn's sister) Lisa mentioning it to me before. They are both amazing chicks so I am down to take a look at anything that they recommend. For whatever reason, I forgot about "The Secret" until I met this awesome girl named Tian Kitchen. You may remember her from the hit TV show called The Amazing Race. I was fortunate enough to get introduced to her at an event that we all hosted with my stylist/friend Matthew Fashion. We were celebrity judges to help select the new faces of a clothing line called Elate Wear. Anyway, Tian, Matthew, my dog Gucci, and I were all in a car headed back to our hotel to get changed for the evening's festivities and she started gushing about "The Secret". This girl seemed to have it all! She was telling me about her upcoming wedding (which she was nice enough to invite me to and I'm going! Woohoo!) in which Cirque du Soleil will be performing and she is going to be marrying the man of her dreams. This girl was beautiful and dressed to the nines... she was wearing the coolest boots, clothes, everything. But what struck me most was that she seemed to be a beacon of happiness and inner beauty. And she went on and on about "The Secret" and how it had changed her life. As I mentioned, she is getting married to a really nice guy, just booked another reality show, her father bought her the car that she wanted without her even asking him to, long lost friends that she had been missing were running into her at strange places, etc. I was having a rough week and had some really crappy things happen to me the day before this event... including that gig that I had in San Diego totally screwing me and my fans over by advertising me as being there and never coming thru with my booking fee as they had promised. I was really counting on that money... and looking forward to meeting a bunch of my San Diego fans so I was kind of upset about all of that. However, Tian gave me some hope about turning my bad luck around. I ended up having a great time at the event and I feel that I have made a lifelong friend in Tian.

The thing that is strange is that "The Secret" talks about positive thinking and how you can literally will stuff to happen via positive thinking and the law of attraction. Well... a few days before my meeting Tian, I thought to myself on my way to the store that I wanted to finally buy that Secret book that everyone was talking about. I hoped to myself that they would have it at Costco because I was going to be shopping there and it would be convenient for me to pick it up then. As I was walking up the aisle, there it was, right on the edge of the aisle where I could not miss it... like a neon flashing sign. I remember thinking to myself that maybe this positive thinking stuff does work after all. I must have willed that book to appear before me and IT DID... AMAZING! :)

All of this reminds me a bit of my first experience with the power of your mind and thoughts when I bought and blogged about a water company called Aqua Mantra. To recap, I purchased the water after it came highly recommended by the guy working the counter. So instead of picking up what I usually buy (Fiji), I opted for this special water instead. There were several choices, I Am Healthy, I Am Loved, or I Am Lucky and after pondering my options for a little bit, I decided on purchasing the "I Am Lucky" version. I sat by myself and drank the water while thinking to myself that I was lucky as I took each swig.

And as crazy as this all sounds, it worked right away! I came home and checked my email and magically there were all these promising booking request leads along with a few long lost friends that had contacted me. I thought it was so cool that I just absolutely had to share it all with you guys. And while blogging... I asked the universe to hook me up with a spokesmodel job because I was doing all of this PR to help out some total strangers because I happened to believe in their product. And crazy enough, the owner of Aqua Mantra happened across my blog a few months later during a search on google and contacted me via email. They ended up giving me a few cases of their water to thank me for writing about them. And I still drink their water to this day. So have you guys all started believing in the power of positive thinking yet?

After all of these fabulous experiences I've been having, I wanted to let you all know that I have OFFICIALLY begun practicing "The Secret" way of life. So when I start blowing up (mark my words)... you will know why and can start trying all of this yourself.

It's about friggin' time for me to change my way of thinking! It's going to be a hard path for me, but I am up for the challenge. I was always so optimistic as a child and my parents seemed to always kill my optimism. Don't get me wrong, I am not knocking them. I am blessed to come from a really great upbringing. It's just that they were definitely a lot more cautious about everything and I'm sure they were just looking out for my best interest. I think somewhere along the way, after dealing with many of life's pitfalls in conjunction with listening to them, I changed my way of thinking. I became more negative and started looking for ways that people could be screwing me over because in the past, it always seemed like everyone was. I even called my way of thinking "realistic" and considered myself to be a "realist". I didn't label myself an optimist or a pessimist but looking back, I think I was putting a lot of negative energy out there which in turn attracted a lot of negative stuff towards me. Well... I'm happy to announce that all of that has changed! Brace yourself for the new me people because it is ON! :)

After listening to my audio book version of The Secret, I feel as if I even need to change many things about myself starting with my myspace profile. I think I did a really good job at writing it but I feel as if I may be attracting negative people to me by some of the stuff I am saying. And I definitely do not want to be doing that. Read the book, listen to the audio book (available on iTunes), or watch the DVD and you will see what I am talking about. I have everything but the DVD so I'm willing that to come to me now. I know I will have it soon. And be forewarned that I am revamping my profile and website to reflect the NEW me! :)

And because I don't want to keep all of this to myself I'd like to share with you a few things that may help you in your everyday life. Here are some links to help you visualize and put yourself in a great mood each and every day. At Tian's suggestion, I am watching them every morning and it just puts me in the best mood ever! I get chills down my spine when I watch it. I sure hope that you enjoy them as much as I do...

I'm really looking forward to reading all of your positive comments about my new journey. I'd love to hear if you are following The Secret way of life, or if you plan on taking any of this to heart. I always love hearing from you guys! You guys rock! Now let's all go out and kick ass and buy the world and sell it back at a profit. It's all a part of OUR plan for world domination, baby! Let's do it! Keep me posted on your success! Much love everyone! :)

Bobbi Billard

P.S. Make sure you add all of my cool friends that I mentioned in this blog because I just know that you will love them as much as I do. And drop them a line to let them know that I sent you. :)

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Facebook Sucks!

As many of you already know, I have had some bumps along the way with my Facebook account. I've been deleted several times and no one at their customer service department can seem to tell me what I did wrong.

I think my first strike was when I was just learning the Facebook ropes and was adding people to get my page going. I remember being a newbie and not knowing how stuff worked so I'd come across a message that said "be careful, you are going to hit a wall" or something like that when I was adding people. While I thought it was strange, I kept on going to "hit the wall" or find out what the hell it meant. What can I say, I was intrigued and I did not know that they will lock you out of your account if you add too many people in one day. I guess that saying is right... curiousity definitely killed this cat. So lesson learned there and that was my very first strike on my account... Ooooh I am such a bad girl, trying to make too many friends on Facebook. Tsk tsk!

The next few times I got deleted, I have no friggin' clue what I did but I managed to get my profile back thanks in part to an email campaign from you guys. And while I am on the subject, I just wanted to say thanks for always being in my corner! You guys are awesome!

The last time I got deleted, they gave me an excuse that someone had given me moderator privledges in a group and someone posted an image that violated the terms of service. With my busy schedule, I didn't pay attention to the fact that someone had uploaded something or even made me a moderator in the first place. I thought that was pretty lame but I could not get the customer service rep to remove the strike from my account. At that time, she threatened me that if I had any more strikes against my account, then they would get rid of me for good. I braced myself for them making up another reason to kick me off and started walking on eggshells so that I could attempt to keep my profile. I was hoping they might leave me alone once and for all. After having my profiles on sites like MySpace and CherryTap, I should know what the terms of service rules are. I'm not an idiot, for the most part, I know what not to post. I kept on following the rules until yesterday I got a message from one of my friends that my Facebook account was down again. Sure enough, he was right (special thanks James for giving me the heads up). They had in fact deleted me again. I can't say I was surprised although quite some time had gone by without any problems from them.

So here is the deal... I guess I shouldn't want to stay as it is obvious that I'm not welcome but the point is, I had almost 6000 friends on there. I spent a bunch of time approving all those people one by one (they don't have the approve 10 at a time feature like myspace does) and then clicked the boxes to signify where I knew the person from. And you know what... it's not fair so I'm going to stand up for myself.

Which leads me to this... I'm asking you to help me out if you wouldn't mind. Can you please write a letter to Facebook and back me up here? I'd really appreciate it. Here's the email address to send your complaints to.

Threaten to delete your account, tell them you will never join, just let them have it in general. Here's a sample letter that you can copy (ctrl+c or apple+c) and paste (ctrl+v or apple+v) if you are lazy...

Subject: Bring back Bobbi Billard!

You deleted Bobbi Billard off of Facebook. Please immediately reinstate her account!


I'm getting sick of these power tripper sites that like to fuck with the models on there. I don't get why they don't understand that we have the power to help their sites, not hinder them. I meant no harm and I miss being able to correspond with you guys on there.

Anyway, thanks again for hearing me out and I appreciate all of you guys' support. Love you guys! Mwaa!


UPDATE: They reinstated my account! Thanks you guys! Unfortunately, they are saying the same thing that they told me last time... that this is my final warning blah blah blah. I'm going to duke it out with the customer service rep and tell him why my strikes should be removed and explain that I shouldn't even have any strikes in the first place. I got an A in debate... bring it motherfucker! I'm not going to take this shit because I know I didn't do anything wrong. Plus, I need all the room for error I can get since the customer service reps seem to give you a strike and close down your account for no reason, ya know? Anyway... I will keep you guys posted and once again... THANK YOU SO MUCH! I love you guys! Mwaa!

Friday, March 9, 2007

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Bobbi Billard at the Arnold Classic Fitness Expo + Video

I had a lot of fun meeting some of you at the Arnold Classic Fitness Expo. If we took pics together, please post a message here. I'm trying to gather them all up so I thought a blog might be easier than scrolling thru the days of comments I missed while I was out of town. Plus, I am sure some of the people that didn't get to attend would like to see them too.

Here's a video of us messing around at the convention. I was so scared to do this (one broken neck was enough to last me a lifetime) but once I got up there, I had fun. Check it out! :)

Bobbi Billard Military Pressed

Please feel free to add this to your profile.

Bobbi Billard

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Save the DRAMA for your Momma... Take 2... Roll 'em!

So the story gets even more interesting. I never mentioned who the designer was by name but he decided to reply to my last posting. Now the cat is out of the bag in case you want to know who I found out is actually responsible for all of the DRAMA.

"Correction there Bobbi...this time I asked Falcon to take down my graphics from his photobucket you and me agreed on it you no longer using my graphics anyway right ?

Oh and thought this whole discussion was something personal between you and me ?....."

I found out that it was not Falcon who willingly removed the graphics but it is the designer guy "Tony" that took it upon himself to do so. You all have Tony to blame for the broken links on your page, not Falcon. You see, Falcon received an email from Tony because Tony figured out that Falcon was the one who was hosting my contact tables on his PhotoBucket. He demanded that Falcon remove them and then contacted PhotoBucket and said that it was his copyrighted material and remove it immediately. PhotoBucket then contacted Falcon and he was in danger of losing his PhotoBucket so of course he complied. And I would never expect Falcon to go and lose his account because of me. It wouldn't be fair to expect that of him... especially since we don't talk anymore. See my earlier blog for why.

Back to the designer guy. My last correspondence with him was 2 days ago in which I let him know that I had replaced the banners but I hadn't had a chance to work on the contact tables yet. Apparently, even after receiving my update, it was of urgent importance to Tony at Mister Pecker Webdesign to make absolutely sure that I or anyone else on MySpace for that matter was not using his contact tables. It necessitated him taking matters into his own hands and contacting PhotoBucket to make sure all of my stuff was deleted immediately. I get it! LMFAO!

And sorry Tony, but I never once said, "Hey guy... keep fucking with me and I promise I won't tell anyone!" Give me a break! Where is it that I said I am going to keep this between you and me while you are going out of your way to be impossible to deal with? I don't owe you any anonymity. Especially when I didn't even say your name but you went and told on yourself anyway by posting that comment on my last blog. I guess you come from the school that "there is no such thing as bad press", but I beg to differ, my friend. You see... whether you like it or not, there are a lot of models that read what I have to say and take notice... So here's a shovel dude! Ya' dig?

In short... I have already wasted enough time on this asshole already. If I were you, I would not work with this guy. He will provide you with free shit but in the end, it won't be worth it. Heaven forbid you don't have him up in your top 8 or plaster a commercial for his shady webdesign service all over your page. I know a lot of people and I am going to personally warn them all to avoid him like the plague. It's a small world baby!

Bobbi Billard

I am soooo over MySpace DRAMA!

If you had my banner up on your page and it is not there anymore, I apologize. There were circumstances beyond my control that went down. Please pick up the new codes on my page.

I am so sick and tired of people that bug me because of my MySpace. I lose friends for no reason because of what I will and will not do with my MySpace. It's pathetic! I lost a fan/friend recently because I would not post a bulletin to help some chick he was interested in get more friends on MySpace. And now, this is the second time this week that I have dealt with drama because of this website. I have just severed another long term business relationship over it.

People seem to have a sense of entitlement these days. The world owes them something. Whatever happened to people doing things for someone just because? I do it all the time. I send out free autographed photos to fans. I spend my time autographing that stuff to be nice to my fans only to find people turning around and selling it on ebay. People just downright suck! And you know what? I still spend my time (and money) doing nice things for my fans... I don't know how else to be.

Just a few days ago, I got into it with a guy recently who has made me banners on and off over the years. He's been making me banners since before MySpace existed. He's a very talented guy who I always thought was cool until recently. A while back when Falcon was helping me with stuff, he had supposedly asked this guy to redesign my page for me. The guy agreed. Here's where the story becomes he said she said... Falcon told me that this graphic designer guy had blown me off and he watched as the guy designed MySpace profiles for model after model. He said that he didn't bring it up anymore because the guy obviously wasn't interested. I agreed, if the guy didn't see value in redesigning my page (in which he could stick one of his little banners on there as payment), then I'm definitely not one to beg. If I were better at designing, I would want to do my page. Exposure to over 900,000 people. Doesn't take a rocket scientist (love you Vee) to figure that one out! According to this designer guy, he had asked for photos so that he could redesign my page but Falcon never gave him any and so he never got around to doing my page. And Falcon never asked me for high-res photos for this guy... very interesting! Anyway, out of both of these two scenarios, the designer's rendition of things is probably true because it seemed as if while Falcon was around, he wanted to keep me isolated from other people that I talked to. Long story behind that but I know I'm right because I have my sources and we figured all of this out by comparing notes after the fact.

So a while back when Falcon deleted all of my graphics off of my myspace, I wasn't sure if I had saved the banners that this designer guy had made for me so I contacted him to see if I could get him to send them to me. However, Falcon ended up putting my graphics back up and I got to see what went where so I didn't end up needing this guy's help after all. And now I wish I had never emailed the guy because here is what happened. Bryant's design team revamped my myspace and I think that designer guy got pissed that he wasn't the one who redid my page. I received an email from him and he took a very rude tone with me demanding that I place a link to him on my page and/or add him to my top friends because he had made me banners. He said he didn't want my new designer to get credit for his work. But wouldn't he be getting credit for the new designer's work if I placed his link on there? Anyway, I explained to him that my new designer isn't even getting credit for his work. I told him that I was busy getting ready for Miami and that I would email him when I got back in town. And then as you guys know because I wrote about it in my journal, I was pretty much sick for weeks after I got home. This whole time, the guy kept blowing up my email and getting pushier about his demands each time. Finally when I got back in front of the computer and read all of his emails, I got pissed. It is a major pet peeve of mine when people get all agro about responding to emails in an amount of time they deem is an appropriate response time. I've got a zillion different accounts on a zillion different sites that all have people emailing me an overwhelming amount of correspondence. I sometimes wish that I wasn't so popular on all these sites and I could just chill and look like the good guy that responds to everything in a timely fashion. Unfortunately, I have been past that point for many years now. I borrowed some words of wisdom from Bryant in which I changed it to make it more like my own and told the guy... "Please do not take it as a personal insult if I do not get back to you within a span of time YOU feel is appropriate. I receive an overwhelming amount of email, have a busy modeling career, run my website by myself without a webmaster, do weekly camshows for multiple cam networks, and am often at the gym for hours a day. Not to mention, I have family nearby (a mom that I like to spend time with along with my sister and a 1 year old nephew) and a life. I do try my best to get back to people as soon as I can."

Our discussion already got off on the wrong foot right there. And the timing aspect of it made me pretty annoyed because I could see right thru to the whole point of him tripping on me... He was mad because I had had my page redesigned by someone else... Plain and simple. Nothing had changed from my old page to the current redesign. I had his banners up then... no link to him. No top 24 placement. Nothing! And there was no problem. What I had done back in the day (and I thought we were square since he's been cool with me up until this point) was show my appreciation by putting that guy on the map on myspace. I posted a bulletin to show my thanks and appreciation for making the banners and contact tables. And I got the guy one third (over 2000) of the friends he has on myspace, not to mention paid jobs. A year has passed and now all of a sudden, the guy is pissed and wants more. He has decided that the bulletin wasn't enough and now he wants placement in my top 24 and/or a link to him on my page even though I never had that in the first place. And that wasn't our agreement. He contacted me because he had made me these banners... not the other way around. I didn't ask for them... he made them as a so called gift. He didn't say, if you use these then I expect this in return. And I'm not a taker in life.... I did what I could to pay him back (i.e. posting a bulletin to get him a bunch of friends). Now he's citing the fact that I have a link to Bryant as why he is entitled to his own link but I have had Bryant's link up well before he ever helped me with my page redesign. This is such a bunch of bullshit!

I'm trying to be fair here so I write him back and explain that I have been sick. I even sent my journal entries from the member's area of my website as evidence. I offer up some solutions because I don't understand why a year has gone by and all of a sudden I haven't done enough to pay him back for making the banners/contact tables. I tell him that I can either A) take them down completely or B) pay him a fair price for his work. And long story short, I had to have it out with this designer guy. Apparently, he felt entitled to a link because I have Bryant in my top 24 and a link to his page on my page. He seemed to think that Bryant was my graphic designer. I had to explain to him that he was my publicist and that it wasn't him that designed my page, but his design team, and regardless, what did this have to do with him? He accused me of being a liar (definitely didn't make me want to appease this guy after that) and was all up on Bryant's page trying to prove that Bryant was actually my graphic designer and not my publicist because of stuff that I had posted to him on his page which he misinterpreted. The guy thought he was Sherlock friggin' Holmes uncovering a mystery when there was absolutely no mystery. It was totally ridiculous. I was being straight forward and honest with him the whole time. So I had to get all into it and explain to him why I link to Bryant and what our relationship was, etc. It was so stupid and I can't believe I had to waste my time with this crap! I shouldn't have to explain to anyone why I have anyone's link on my page. It's not his or anyone else's business! And who I have links to is totally irrelevant.

And anyway, let's be honest... me placing a link to this guy for making a total of five banner and contact tables for me is way more payment than he deserves. Especially after I am the one who even put that guy on the map on myspace to begin with. I got him one third of the friends he has now along with paid gigs. I can delete his banners off of my page but is he willing to delete all the friends that I got for him? Probably not! And... I have people offering me $500 on up per month for ad space and I turn it down all day long because I don't want my page to become some sort of spamfest. Why would I give him a permanent link month after month when it only costs like $20 to hire a good designer to make a banner? Times that by the five things he made for me and it comes out to $100. $100 chump change that I would gladly pay this guy for his work but now he doesn't want money. The guy does graphic design for a living and all of a sudden he doesn't want money for his work. No wonder... with a link on my page, he would be getting more than $100 value each and every month. Now I'm starting to get why he is being such a hard ass about getting a link!

Not to mention there isn't an aesthetically pleasing way to add a link to this guy. I just had my page made more professional. Adding links next to every banner and contact table turns my page back from professional into amateur. Can you imagine if I had to place credit on everything on my page? This person took this photo, this person made that banner, my page would look like crap. That's why I thought it was completely fair to either pay him for his work (which he decided to take the stubborn road and decline) or take the banners down and replace them, which is what I ended up doing. This guy is smoked.... he certainly is not the only designer in town!

Does this guy not get that just because I am blonde, I am not dumb? And don't you think that if you go out of your way to do something for someone, you shouldn't expect or demand something in return? Especially one year after the fact when I was thinking we were square already! Or at least you should be up front and honest about what it is that you want in return. I told this guy he could stand to learn something from Bryant. We all could really!

Now you can see why I am at my wits end for people trying to muscle their way on my top 8, post a bulletin for me Bobbi.... do this, do that! I'm so sick of this crap! It's friggin myspace.... big deal! Get over it! It's not like most of these people are really doing anything major with their myspaces anyway. What will a few more friends really do for you? I would be embarrassed to try and get ahead like this! And I never pulled any of these antics to get the amount of friends I have now.

Anyway, I am done helping people that have some sort of hidden agenda / ticking timebomb bullshit going on within them. I am all about helping people but in this new phase in my life, I am helping people that are deserving. It's unfortunate that what I do for a living draws all sorts of people like this to me. I just hope for the wisdom to be able to tell early on what people are about. I am getting better at reading people. And from now on, when someone makes me something and I decide to use it on my page, I want to know what the catch is up front. I'm going to get it all in the open to begin with so that I don't have to deal with anymore of these nasty surprises later on down the line.

Oh well... there are new banners up on my myspace page so you can get the updated codes to place my banner up once again. I'm sorry that some of your pages are messed up. I promise I will never allow that to happen ever again. Obviously, it was out of my hands.

I will get you guys some new contact tables soon. It's in the works.

And some of you offered to make me graphics... If anyone wants to make me some, you can email them to me at No trippers though PLEASE! I've had more than my fair share... just looking for some NORMAL people just like it says on my profile. *Giggle*

Love you guys! Mwaa!

Bobbi Billard

Monday, January 29, 2007

Florida Appearance This Weekend with Bobbi Billard and Jamie Foxx

I will be in Florida hosting a party that is guaranteed to be off the hook. Join me with my sexy, hot girls to Pop Bottles with Models at Passion Night Club on Friday February 2. Also appearing with me will be several NFL stars and Jamie Foxx.

Please come by and party with me! I'd love to have a chance to meet some of my East Coast MySpace friends! :)

Bobbi Billard