Tuesday, January 24, 2006

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Friday, January 13, 2006

Woohoo! I'm officially World Famous now! :)

Check this out! One of my fans who said he was from Serbia & Montennegro,Europe told me that he had heard about me from the newspaper. I asked him to scan it and send it to me and he did.

Click here to see my pics that were published in the newspaper of a foreign country. Nudity warning! 18 + Only Please!

What a trip eh? He offered this translation....

The Beauty,but a "BEAST"
She doen't break only hearts of a man,but bones
also.Bobbi Billard (30) is known like dangerous girl
from Texas,cause of her's many fighting skills.She was
lifting weights,and a lot of people claims that she
broke one time arm to the famous Arnold
Scharzenegger.In spite of that srong body,Bobbi's
sexappeal remain fabulous,and she got a charme from
her Franch mother.She filled up her photo model career
with acting parts in "Baywatch",second she was a star
for a long time of an American show program "Women
- I'm not just a model and a beauty,I know to fight -
says Bobbi a lots of times when she describes herself.

LMFAO! I wrote him this in response because he wanted to know if the journalist was telling the truth...

Awesome! At first I wasn't sure what to think, because nobody contacted me about this article. It's very strange! But, I don't mind the extra publicity of course. Except it would have been nice if they had sent me a copy, or spelled my name correctly. :) Anyway, about the article, I have no clue what it is saying about Arnold Schwartzenager. That's very very weird to me. Maybe they are talking about my resume, in which I went to the Arnold Classic, which is a bodybuilding convention that Arnold shows up at every year and it is named after him. But where they get that I broke his arm or something I'm totally baffled! Maybe it gets lost in translation? I'm not sure. And I wouldn't really describe me as a dangerous girl. I'm actually quite nice... just don't piss me off. Hehehe! Seriously though, I used to be a professional wrestler until I broke my neck. I have since decided to retire from that business unless a job comes along in which I don't have to risk getting injured again (example: being a valet). About Bay Watch, I have never been on the show. I did do a commercial spoof on Bay Watch for a soda company (Diet Dr. Pepper) that aired during the Superbowl, which is when all the best ads of the year debut. I also was on Howard Stern's version of Bay Watch which was also kind of a spoof. The name of that show is Son of the Beach. All the rest of it seems to be correct... except my mom is French Canadian, not French from France. My dad's ancestry is French though.

As for a photo, I love to sign photos and I do so for free. All you have to do is send me a self addressed stamped envelope (or send enough money to cover the postage and my personal assistant will take care of purchasing the stamp for you) to:

Bobbi Billard
PMB 222
P.O. Box 30012
Laguna Niguel, CA 92607-0012

I also sell autographed 8x10s for $5 or Benchwarmer Trading Cards (which are like baseball cards for hot chicks) for $15. No pressure though. I'm not much of a high pressure sales girl. :)

Anyway, nice to hear from you and thanks so much for sharing that with me. I think I might add it to my resume. Do you happen to know the name of the paper and the date of the issue? Thanks again hun! And I agree.... Bring back Stevie!! (I was talking about Stevie Ray Vaughan. Apparently he's a fan too! Right on!)

And in other news, I'm on eBay and I think they are promoting that I'm doing a show on April 19, 2006 over there. This is news to me! I haven't booked anything so somebody must be jumping the gun a little bit... but I'm not really sure what it says since I don't speak the language. Any Italians care to translate and/or write the seller and find out what the poster of me is promoting?

Click here to see the strange thing that popped up on eBay using my photo

And sorry I haven't been around so much. I've been working hard fixing up my house so that I can sell it and move. I had a great time at the show the other night. Hope you all did too! Miss you guys!

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