Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Getting Poked & Blowing As Hard As I Can...

I just got back from my allergy appointment. I felt a bit like a human pin cushion this morning but in the end, it was all worth it. I found out some valuable information and I think I have a sense of what is going on with me now. Apparently the doctor feels as if I am one of the more allergic people that he has seen which seems pretty crazy to me. This doctor is at the top in his field. He is the author of Allergic Asthma for Dummies. His practice is very busy. He said that on a scale of one to ten, ten being most allergic, I am a ten. So for him to say that my allergies are that bad, I'm just amazed! He said that I am allergic to almost everything with my grasses being "off the charts". He also said that he does not have patients that are more allergic than I am. No wonder why I have felt like such crap for all these months. I also found out what I think set these allergies off so badly all of a sudden. Apparently this season is a heavy tree and grass season. The nurse told me that they can tell this because patients start having a reaction to their allergy shots.

I got stuck by needles containing 86 different known allergens. Most of them had a reaction. The thirteen that I didn't have a reaction to were then injected deeper into my skin. I ended up having a reaction to those as well. I don't have any food allergies but I am allergic to animals (cats, dogs, feathers, & horses), household inhalants (dust & mites), molds, weeds, trees, and grasses (Bermuda, Blue Grass, Brome, Johnson, Meadow Fescue, Oat, Orchard, & Rye).

My asthma started acting up because of all of the triggers they were putting me in contact with. They did a test of my lung function with this computerized program that you blow into and it measures how much air you can blow out. The computer screen had a picture of a birthday cake with candles on it. You are supposed to try and blow all the candles out while the nurse yells "Go! Go! Go! Go!". It was pretty funny! I got a kick out of it, I don't know why. I guess I am easily amused. Anyway, I didn't do so well so I had to stay and do a nebulizer treatment. After that they retested my lung function and I was able to blow out all but one of the birthday candles so they let me go.

I have an appointment in two weeks. In the meantime, the doctor prescribed a bunch of medications. I will now be taking Zytec (allergy antihistamine medication), Patanol (eye drops), Maxair (rescue inhaler), Rhinocort (nasal spray), and Pulmicort (daily inhaler). Plus, I will be starting my allergy shots twice a week. Exciting isn't it? LOL!

The doctor told me that allergies are hereditary. I said, "Great! If I have kids, they'll have to go through this crap?" and he said that if whoever I decide to have kids with has allergies that I'm guaranteed that my kids will have it too. He joked that from now on I should start asking guys on a first date if they have allergies. If they answer yes they shouldn't get a second date. LOL!


Sunday, August 28, 2005


Woohoo! My site got reviewed by Rabbits Reviews and they seemed to really like it! Check out what they said...

Bobbi Billard

Saturday, August 27, 2005

I Cook Naked!

Hey everyone! Here's the latest and greatest for today. I have had a problem with ants recently. Usually, I just buy those ant traps which have something inside that attracts the pesky ants and then they take the poison back to the queen and it kills all of them. Those have always worked well for me in the past. I tried having an exterminator come out for a while. Unfortunately, like clockwork, about 2 days before the exterminator was due for his next visit, the ants would magically reappear again. It's like they would come to my house and put something that would kill them for exactly a month's time and then as soon as whatever that was ran out, I'd be forced to call them again and fork over another $50 or whatever it cost. It was like a viscious cycle. And I've tried spraying them myself but I hate Raid with a passion! Last time I sprayed Raid, all of my food, water, everything tasted like it and I couldn't get that damn taste out of my mouth for days. So I started using the ant traps and it seemed like a more permanent and less expensive solution to the problem. The only drawback was that they aren't very attractive so I have to try and hide them. But even though they don't really add to my decor, they got rid of my ants completely so I was willing to overlook the fact that they are a bit of an eyesore. I haven't really had a problem since I started using the traps except for once when I think they got old and ran out of the poison that was inside. And if I remember correctly it took years for that to happen. So for under $10 I thought I had come up with the perfect remedy to keep ants out of my house. I wasn't locked in to monthly exterminator visits and payments and I didn't have to smell and taste even the supposedly nicer smelling "Country Fresh" ant killer.

I don't know what the deal is lately though. Those traps stopped working for me. So I went out and bought new ones again thinking that they had just ran out of poison again but that didn't do the trick either. I think the bitch next door that I've told you guys about during my camshows is pulling a Pacific Heights over there. I would not be surprised! For those of you that haven't seen this movie, you should. It is one of my favorites because back in the day when I had roommates, I always had the roommates from hell. If you can relate, I highly recommend checking this flick out. I'll fill you in without ruining anything. Pacific Heights is about a couple that rents out part of their house that they made into a seperate apartment to a man who soon becomes the tennant from hell. He starts breeding cockroaches and all sorts of stuff in there and it becomes a total nightmare for them. I've joked around about doing something similar to get the bitch next door to want to move away. LOL! Now it seems that maybe she has seen this movie too and is breeding ant trap resistant ants over there. Stranger things have happened and I would not put it past her!

I have my cam show tonite so I'm all excited! I have to start getting ready soon. I just wanted to catch up with my diary while I had a chance. I need to go back to the tanning salon again so I'm nice and dark for my show.

I made Belgian waffles this morning. If I do say so myself, I'm a darn good cook! I used this new Hawaiian Style Macadamia Nut Pancake & Waffle Mix that I picked up at the store last night. It turned out very yummy! I love cooking every once in a while. I just hate cleaning up afterwards. Especially getting the gunk off the side of the waffle iron. I was doing so good and wouldn't you know it the last one I made had to overflow out and onto the sides. What a mess!

Anyway, I wore the new naked girl apron that mysteriously arrived recently. Did you send that to me Vee? I remember at one of my camshows, my friend Sarah (the cool Australian girl that runs the Bobbi's World yahoo group and helps me with a lot of stuff on my website) was talking about some apron that I'd never heard about or seen before and she was raving about it and said, "Oh you have to see them! They are totally cool! You'd love them!" or something like that. I remember telling her that I've seen those cheesy long tourist t-shirts that have a cartoon body on them so when you wear it, it's supposed to look like that's your body. There's one for guys which has some muscle dude's body on it and then the one for chicks has some curvaceous hourglass body in a bikini. My friend Girlie and I each bought one of these as a joke years ago at Lake Havasu. We were daring each other to wear them out in public and laughing about wearing them during a photoshoot together. We never did get to do that shoot. Oh well! I'm going to call her and remind her about that.

So I started thinking back and trying to figure out who the hell sent me that, I remembered that Vee messaged me sometime after that show and said to watch for something from (I think). I think he said that he had gotten me something off of my Wish List. So anyway, I still hadn't received anything from there, but then maybe a week later I got a mysterious package on my doorstep. So I open it up and inside were two aprons which I'm assuming were the ones that Sarah was talking about. They appear to be from Italy. Woohoo! I love Italian stuff! One has tomato slices and brussel sprouts (or are they lettuce leafs?) strategically blocking her private areas and the other has a man's hands covering up the nakedness. I tried them on and they look rockin' on me! I just don't know who to thank for sending them which kind of sucks. There was nothing else inside the package to indicate who they were from and it has slipped my mind until now to say something. I'm definitely not trying to be rude or unappreciative so excuse me for not saying anything sooner. So if the mystery person who sent me the aprons is reading this, please feel free to make yourself known. And THANK YOU! :)

Not even fifteen minutes after writing this I went in the kitchen to try and clean up the mess that I made while cooking breakfast and there is already a conga line of ants trying to go after a piece of waffle that was in the sink. So I've had it! I sprayed some Raid because I'm fed up with the ants not responding to these traps that I set up. I thought I might be safe since my sense of smell is all messed up because of my allergies. I was right about that, however, I can still taste it. Damnit! I guess the birthday cake tonite will be tasting a bit like "Country Fresh" Raid! Grrrr....

That's it for now. Anything else I have to add will have to wait until my show tonite. And after that I will have to split to go to my friends' birthday parties so unfortunately I will not be able to stay afterward and chat like I usually do.


Sunday, August 21, 2005

Prego! It's In There!!

Good morning! I got up around 8ish this morning. I was going to go to do a spin class and then go for a private pilates lesson but unfortunately, my calves are so sore that even walking hurts. So I called my instructor and told her that I wasn't going to be able to make it today. Luckily, she was cool about it and understood. I just hope I don't get charged as if I had gone anyway because those private pilates lessons are expensive!

Yesterday I went to my mom's house because she was having problems with her computer. Today I am going back with a new hard drive and a copy of Windows 2000. She was using Windows ME before so we have to do something about that! Windows ME sucks ass! I was going off when I found out she had bought a computer with that operating system. I was like, "MOM! Take it back!" LOL!

Oh, I don't think I ever told you guys... or maybe I did, I can't remember. My sister is Prego! That's slang that I invented to use instead of the word pregnant. You have to admit, that's pretty funny and clever. It's the perfect code word. Prego is a brand of spaghetti sauce. And their motto is "It's In There!" LOL! Anyway, I'm going to be an auntie. Crazyness! Oh well... at least that means that my mom won't be bugging me to procreate. And she already has her "grand-dog" anyway. *Giggle!*

Anyway, I finally got those pictures from that photographer that was holding them back. And I think I figured out why he didn't want to give them to me. And it's funny because somebody suggested that what probably happened was that he had accidentally fucked up a bunch of the pics and was too embarrassed to send them to me. The photographer's response? "I never fuck up my work... NEVER"! Famous last words! I got the pics and half of them are so dark that they are worthless. If that was why he was trying to blow me off, he should have just said, "Hey Bobbi, I'm sorry the pictures didn't come out well." Everything would be have been good then. I would have been disappointed, of course, but I would have respected the honesty a bit more and it sure would have beat me having to ride his ass for months and months while he blew me off repeatedly. Now I acquired an enemy out of this whole situation. I mean not from where I stand because I don't have the time nor the energy to hate people. But this guy hates me now and is talking crap about me to people that I know. I just think that this was a really fucked up situation and I am very disappointed that it had to come to this. And I'm completely baffled as to why he is going around talking shit about me when he has to know deep down where he lives that I was just frustrated with getting the runaround and just wanted to get my pics from him. Anyway, live and learn. I learned a valuable lesson. No matter how much experience I have in this business, I can still make mistakes and run across problems. I'm definitely not bulletproof. It would be wise for me to tighten things up even more with my rules regarding contracts. I need to have in depth discussions with photographers before a shoot takes place. This will help to prevent a situation like this from taking place again. I think from now on I'm going to shoot solely with Dean Capture, and people that I have worked with in the past already, and maybe a few others that I've been wanting to work with for a long time. I may do the occasional trade but all of the details regarding the shoot will need to be put forth in writing prior to us working together. And the rule is that I am not leaving until you burn me a cd on the spot unless I've worked with you before and I already know that your word is good.


Monday, August 15, 2005

Gucci is sick... AGAIN!

I just got back from San Diego. Gucci woke me up early. He was puking at 5 am. I think he had too many of those Greenies treats and it made him sick. I am watching him closely. He didn't eat all weekend but I gave him some Nutri Cal (which is a high calorie food that comes out of a toothpaste tube) and he licked it up. I may take him into the vet later on if he hasn't eaten any of his hard food by this evening.

I'm going to try and catch up with my posts on the forum. If I miss anything that you would like a response to, please bump it again so that I see it.


Friday, August 5, 2005

Work Mode!!

I've been in work mode big time lately! I just can't seem to pry myself away from the computer. It's not really a bad thing. I finally have access to the right people that can help me implement all of the ideas that I have had for so long. All of this is fun and exciting for me!

I thought about this just last night while I was talking on instant messenger to a friend of mine that works as a webmaster. We were both kind of shooting the shit about how we have no life because we spend so much time working on the computer and our sites and I came to a realization about something. In the past, I've factored in all the hours that I spend on my site each day and calculated how much money that would equal out to per hour. It really doesn't seem like that good of a deal after all when you look at all the time and money that I spend to do all of this (meaning my website, the photoshoots, the camshows, etc. It's a full time job and a half!). But you know what? I wouldn't want to be working doing anything else! I actually love what I do. It's a challenge... a constant struggle. There is so much that I don't understand but I learn more and more every day. I enjoy it! When I am out and about... it's hard for me to get my mind off all the work that I have sitting and waiting for me at home. And I actually miss being online and not working. I must be wacked! LOL!

Anyway, I thought I would clue you in with what I am up to. I pretty much finished with my auto linking / friends page but I'm still adding links here and there. I am setting up a free fan forum later today. Or at least I thought I was... my "help" is MIA. Anyway, I'd appreciate it if you all registered. And we are very close to putting the finishing touches on the Members Area. Sarah is predicting that everything should be done by Wednesday. I can't wait! :) Now, I just have to email all of my connections to let them know about the official grand opening of my brand new website redesign.

I have to find a new personal assistant because my current one is too busy with her other jobs and projects now. I knew this would eventually happen, but it really sucks! I've never had to interview anyone before. I'm scared. So many of my friends that own business bitch about how hard it is to find good help these days. I was originally introduced to my assistant, LoriDawn, by a friend of mine who thought she would be a good match for me. He knew I was looking for someone to help me out and he had hired her in the past to work for him. It turned out that his hunch was right. She ended up becoming an employee for over 3 years now. Like I said, I always wondered what I would do if she ever had to quit. Well... I think I am going to be alright. I have my eye on this 21 year old Brazilian girl who is looking for work. We shall see what happens. For the time being, I still have access to my assistant's sister, Lisa, who I've hired in the past to do professional organization work for me. In fact, she is here today. Now I can finally handle all of my fan mail that has been stacking up. I'd start hiring her instead but she lives in Northern California so it makes things a bit tough. Anyway, everything is getting done and it feels good.

Gucci is at the groomers and when he gets back, he will have a new playmate. Lisa brought her adorable little teacup chihuahua down here with her. I wonder what Gucci will think of that. I guess we shall see...

Next on the to-do list I would like to add my snail mail address to my contact me form page and edit it so that if someone doesn't have a valid email address to reply to, it will give them an error message. I need to repurchase and add a new Mailing List program for my server so that I can start doing my mailing list again. I also need to make some changes on my friends page signup form to make it easier for people to add me to their own friends pages.

This weekend I will be shooting pictures for a billboard that will be appearing in a movie starring Mo'Nique. It should be fun and I promise to take lots of behind the scenes photos for you guys. I'm having a lot of fun taking behind the scenes pics for my website. I'll have to take some pictures of Gucci, who just got back from the groomers wearing a camo bandana, playing with Tia. These guys are too cute!

Bobbi Billard