Monday, July 25, 2005

It's deader than a doornail... come join me!

Come and play with my friends and I @!

SissyFight is a game that multiple players can play at the same time while chatting. It takes place in a playground type setting. It's fun... plus we can talk to each other at the same time! So if you ever wanted to talk to me more, now is your chance...

I'll be there under the name "BobbiBillard". Anybody else that comes in there with an imposter Bobbi name is not me. Example: "bobbibillard" is not me!

I really hope to see you there! :)

Please make sure you read my FAQ section on my profile before coming to play with me. If I get a bunch of people bugging me about AIM again, then I am outta' there!

Bobbi Billard

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated... but RIP Chloe Jones!

Hi all,

I had a second between approving all of my friend requests and working on my brand new automatic linking program to sit down and write for a few.

I've kind of been giving my myspace a break these days to get everything working properly with my brand new site redesign. Somebody really needs to invent a program to make it easier to approve pages and pages of friend requests a little faster. I know that if I don't log in there often, it can pile up quick. I'd sign up to be beta tester of a program like that in a heartbeat!

First off, my allergies are still jacked up. Every day I wake up sneezing my head off. I take Zyrtec for it but I'm still going thru boxes of Kleenex like no tomorrow. See... I always knew I should have bought stock in Kleenex. LOL!

On myspace the other day, I learned that some clever donkey with way too much time on their hands had come up with the brilliant idea of spreading around a bulletin for people to sign because I had supposedly died. I hate to break it to whoever concocted this warped plan, but the only Tombstone around here is in my freezer. So of course, I had to nip that whole rumor in the bud. I find it to be pretty lame that someone would do that but at the same time, I was touched that some people might actually give a flying ribbit if I croaked. Still I find it very odd to be reading my own obituary online. Here's the bulletin that was being passed around on myspace:

Attention Myspace Community-

We are sorry to inform you that Bobbi Billard, a true myspace celebrity has passed. Though she is no longer an active myspace member she is still with us in spirit. Bobbi Billard changed so many lives and helped the myspace community grow and flourish. Please show you respect for this myspace veteran by signing your name below.
RIP Bobbi Billard

3)JIm (we will always love you)
4) *Kaite* she will always be remembered
7)Liz, , I didnt know you but i am still sorry your gone
8) Ashley <3>

Which brings me to another matter. Someone posted a comment to me on myspace after I posted the bulletin in my blog to set the record straight. I hadn't heard, but a model named Chloe Jones really did die last month. I remember her from way back in the day of when I first saw her layout in a Playboy Newsstand Special. I remember thinking, "Wow! She is so beautiful!" Then I'd see pictures of her from time to time online. I guess she ended up going the Penthouse route and then eventually, she got involved in porn. It kind of surprised me, as it always does when I see beautiful women getting involved in all that. It's not that I'm against porn, nor do I judge people, but I would think that a woman as beautiful as that would be able to make enough money doing more mainstream modeling. Yeah, supposedly there can be even more money in porn. I guess to me, as long as my bills were getting paid, I'd be happy with that. Even if my bills weren't getting paid, I'd get a job somewhere, anywhere, and scale down a bit to make ends meet. The thought of making money by having to sleep with the likes of most of the guys that I've seen in those movies makes me sick. To borrow a quote off one of my favorite makeup artists, it just couldn't get dark enough, you know what I mean? And then I've always said that the extra money wouldn't cover the counseling that I would need to live with myself after that. That's just me though. To each his own. I'm not a judgemental person. If you really are a nympho (not just playing one on tv) and you don't have a problem with that line of work, by all means, knock yourself out. It's legal. Why not get paid to do what you love? And who am I to judge? After all, Jesus hung out with prostitutes. A lot of judgemental people conveniently forget that little tidbit of information when casting aspersions on others.

I know first hand how rough it must be to work in that profession. Not because I have ever been one, but because people have assumed that I was one (She has blonde hair and big boobs and she's young and drives a really nice car... Oh! Must be a pornstar! Either that or she has a Sugar Daddy!). A lot of people look down on that line of work. I got stereotyped as a porn star in the little yuppieville community that I live in when I didn't even get to earn the reputation. I can't imagine what it would be like if I really were one. It just seems as if that would be a tough road to hoe (no pun intended!). I feel really bad that those girls get judged without being given a chance. It's not as if most of them haven't been through enough in their lives to even get them to that point to begin with.

That is why I've always liked Jenna Jameson. I think that she's beautiful and I find her to be extremely sexy. Everything about her oozes sex appeal... from her facial expressions... to her manerisms. Believe it or not, that's a talent! If I were a guy, I'd definitely want to pork her at least once. LOL! Plus, she's well spoken and a business woman. I get the feeling that she really does enjoy her work... it's not all just an act that she puts on in some drug enduced stupor. And it's no wonder to me that she is one of the only women to ever make it in the mainstream world after chosing that line of work. I read her book "How To Make Love Like A Porn Star" and it was really good! It wasn't an instruction manual (Damnit! I'd take lessons from her any day!)... it was a "cautionary tale". I can't believe how many of the same people that we crossed paths with in our lives. I couldn't help but think about how easily I could have gone down that same path. I am thankful that I chose the one that I did. However, I wouldn't mind waking up every day in that gorgeous house that she lives in. Does Jenna want to be my Sugar Momma? Just kiddin'!!!

So anyway, back to Chloe. I started looking for more info... of course I am curious. I wanted to know how she died? She was only 29 years old. What I ended up finding thru a search on yahoo pissed me off enough for me to inspire me to write about it. I came across a board with people posting all sorts of stuff that isn't even worth repeating. I don't care what the hell she did for a living. The girl died. Show some fucking respect! This is why I hate the keyboard warrior wannabe, anonymous assholes that talk shit because they think they are so big and bad sitting behind the safety of their computer screens. I wish the internet wasn't so anonymous sometimes. I mean hell, I put a face, with the name, with the writing... and I was brought up with manners as a child. What a concept!

RIP Chloe Jones!

And... fuck all the haters!

Back to Jenna again, she has put up a fund for Chloe's daughter and twin sons over at:

Did I mention that I loved that girl? LOL!

Bobbi Billard

Friday, July 15, 2005

BB Video!

This is one of the new videos that I've been working on editing. That's why I am a bit behind on the comments and stuff. I'm trying to catch up though.

Love you guys! :)



Friday, July 8, 2005

Fresh New Look @

Well... my brand new site design is finally up and running. I'm so excited! :) Make sure that you stop by and see the fresh new look over @!

I really hope that you like it! :)

I'll be in touch soon to let you know about a few new things that will be happening...

For starters, I am adding a new automatic Link Program. You will be able to add your link to my site automatically and exchange traffic with me. Also, I will be adding a mailing list so that you can receive FREE hot pics of me straight to your inbox. I have to start from scratch since I lost all of the email addresses when my old hosting company deleted my server, so make sure that you sign up again if you were a member before. And I'll be emailing you to let you know when the new redesign goes live in the Members Area. It should be any day now. Expect an email from me soon. Talk to you later! :)

Bobbi B.