Thursday, November 11, 2004


So Cal peeps... I will have a booth at Holiday Havoc this weekend. Please find me and come say hello! I'd love to meet you in person! :)

Saturday, November 13th 12PM - 11PM

Sunday, November 13th 12PM - 9PM

Tons of Bands + Snowboarding & Skateboarding...

Please click the link below for more info:

Bobbi B.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

H2 For Sale!

Thanks for posting all of the tips about my iBill situation. I've made my mind up to go forward with getting my own merchant account after reading all of the facts. I am too concerned that CCBill will be next and I don't want to take my chances if they are.

I went to San Antonio yesterday. I had a check-up with Dr. Youngblood. He said that my neck is healing well and I can up my weights from 10 pounds to 15-20. I'm still scared of the weights though. I think I will stick to around 5-10 pounds. Right now I am concentrating more on doing cardio. Youngblood wrote me a prescription for physical therapy. I'm going to start with all that soon.

I went hiking in Topanga Canyon this past weekend. It was beautiful! The hiking trail was covered overhead with trees and then there were parts that you came out into the direct sunlight. There was a really nice view at the top of Downtown L.A., Santa Monica, and Pacific Palisades. I haven't really done stuff like that in the past but I plan on doing more of it. I'm looking into finding out if there are any trails in my neck of the woods.

Well, I'm off to go pay the registration for my Hummer. $2100! Ouch! They are taxing me big time because I bought it out in Kentucky. Anyone want to buy it? I am so over that car! I seriously want to sell it! They don't allow me to park it where I live because there is limited parking for guests and it won't fit in my garage. I'm kicking myself for buying those huge tires now! I've been playing musical spots in the parking lot with it to try and avoid it being towed and it's getting a bit old. Besides, I don't really need 2 cars anyway. Anyone have any suggestions as to how to go about selling a car? It's a black 2004 Hummer H2 and it's loaded and in excellent condition. Navigation system and everything... and only 10,000 miles on it! Let me know...

Take care,
Bobbi B.

Friday, November 5, 2004

Playboy, Panty Party, Shysters over @ iBill, etc.

Hey everyone, just an update for you all. I've been busy doing a bunch of stuff. What else is new, right?

Went to the Playboy Mansion for their Halloween party. I had a great time, as usual. This is the first party I've been able to attend since my Kentucky adventure and then my injury. I really missed that place! I went with Taylor Kennedy... Great girl! Saw Anna Nicole Smith there and I had drank enough liquid courage to go up and talk to her. I only wish I could remember what the fuck I said to her, LOL!! I gave TK a little tour of the mansion and we tried to feed the monkeys. The monkeys must have been full because they were way too cool for the grapes we were trying to feed them. Oh and people were porking underwater in the grotto. I've never seen that going on before at any of the parties, surprisingly enough. Although, everyone thinks I am full of shit when I tell them that. Most people think that that place is one big sex fest. It's not! I swear! I've gotten blasted with super-soakers in the grotto before but this was the first and only time I expect to see that other crap! I'm surprised that they got away with it. I thought that place had cameras everywhere with security diligently watching. Anyway, I really don't remember much about the people porking in the grotto part of the night. It's a big blur. Most of the night was, for that matter, but I do know that we (TK as Dorothy from Wizard of Oz and myself as the Cub Scout) rocked it hard, had a blast, and got home safe and sound in one piece. And I'm so glad that I made it through another party without breaking my ankle while navigating across the cobblestones in my 6 inch platform heels.

I went to a private party at La Perla Lingerie at South Coast Plaza last night. Love that stuff... a little too much!

I recently wandered in there while on a shopping trip and have been regretting that decision ever since. I didn't think they had bras that fit me so I had never bothered to check it out before. But the ever helpful sales ladies (that most definitely must work on commission) seen me coming and brought me the whole store practically to try on. I managed to squeeze into a couple of 38 DD's and I couldn't resist the urge to buy everything in sight that looked good on me. You see, it's been so hard for me to find pretty bras in my size with matching t-back panties. Everything that fits me usually reminds me of lingerie that someone's grandma would wear. Not sexy at all! So anyway, I ended up spending a grip and when I got the bill, I literally made a noise from the shock. It is usually so unlike me to bat a fake eyelash at that stuff. I'm notorious for not looking at price tags. I guess I'm used to shopping at Victoria's Secrets and the likes. At least I can use it to shoot and do cam-shows in so I was able to somewhat rationalize my out of control spending. Plus, it's tax deductable, right? I knew something was up when they offered me some champagne after I paid. Thanks for the gesture, but I think I really needed the champagne before the bill came! LOL!

Back to the party though... it was cool! I had good company (I went with my favorite lingerie consultant), got 15% off, sipped on White Chocolate Martinis, and raided the tray of Hors D' Ouevres for yummy Coconut Shrimp and Caprese on sourdough toast crackers. So much for my low carb diet. I was doing so good but too many temptations were in front of me. Had a convo with the angel and devil that sits on my shoulder and the lil' devil won. Damnit! Hate it when that happens! ;) Bought a lil' sexy number (very girlie and pin-upy, black with pink bows) and a blue bra and panties that I shouldn't have bought. That stuff is expensive! For the first time in my life, I have money problems and I have absolutely no business shopping. Let me explain more...

My billing company, iBill, is LAME! If I had a megaphone, I'd be shouting about how much they suck ass! They aren't paying any of their clients and I'm one of them. This has been going on for over a month and a half. No warning, nothing! Just all of a sudden, we aren't paying you. Nice huh? So your house and car payment is due? Yeah, sorry about that! First Data is holding the money hostage because they don't like "adult" sites. And iBill isn't pursuing any "addition litigation" with First Data or anything... but don't worry, we are actively trying to retrieve the $15 million of our clients' money that First Data is holding. Right!!!! What can I say, they are bigtime shysters! It's always nice when you are just coming off of an injury and have bills galore due and no money coming in, right? BK-ing and calling it a day is not an option. I'm back to using CC Bill for my processing, but honestly, after this, I'm not trusting any of these third party billing companies. I heard some inside information a long while back that iBill and CC Bill were biting the dust because of all of the hassle with Visa and the adult industry. I heard iBill was going to BK first and then CC Bill. I'm thinking, judging from recent events, that this information is looking like it is turning out to be more and more credible. Not that I didn't believe this person back in the day (for the record, I did) but I struggled with the enevitable (getting my own merchant account). I had issues with putting my home address on my DBA (a DBA is a required step in the process) and supposedly they will not accept PO Boxes on the forms. I'm kicking myself for not taking the steps sooner because now more than ever, it is a major pain in the ass to get one. I've been looking into the merchant account deal again and oh the hoops they want you to jump through these days. Like I said, should coulda woulda! Argh! I've got about 80 pages of contract that I don't understand. Nor does my A.D.D. permit me to sit down and read through that crap. And at this point, it looks as if you have to have your own office space to pull it off as well as a customer service line. I could be reading too much into it though. Anyone have any suggestions for me? I'd appreciate it a lot! :)

Also, I was wondering if anyone knew how to go about changing the address on my DBA. I was using someone's address before but I need to change it to my own. I'd really like to have the address be my PO Box address but like I said, it says on the forms "No PO Boxes". It really weirds me out that someone could get my home address from my DBA because isn't it public information?

Bobbi B.