Monday, July 28, 2003

Bobbi Billard Gone Wired

Good news guys (& girls)! I received an email from a tv show called Unscrewed with Martin Sargent,24682,3486230,00.html which airs on TechTV They want to do a feature on ME and my website. Woohoo! :) Here is an excerpt from the email I received... "Not familiar with us? TechTV is the cable network that showcases the smart, edgy and unexpected side of technology. By telling stories through the prism of technology, TechTV intrigues viewers with everything from help and information to cutting-edge documentaries to outrageous late-night fun. TechTV viewers are highly interactive and passionate about engaging in the television experience and log a monthly average of 1.4 million unique visitors to Owned by Vulcan Inc., TechTV is currently available in 40 million homes in the United States and distributes content to more than 70 countries."

I had never heard of this station before but I am going to check it out. I guess my digital cable offers this station but I have to sign up for it. I'm curious to see what it is all about. I think my show airs tomorrow evening at 2 am Eastern. Yeah... I know... you East Coast guys already hate me! LOL! I am always keeping you up til all hours of the night. Will you please stay up late for lil ol' me one more time? And anyone that can videotape this for me, I will trade you an autographed photo or something. The TV that has a VCR on it does not work right now so I won't be able to record it but I would love to have a copy. Pretty please! *Bats Eyelashes* Here's a link to where you can figure out how to view the show in your area:,24682,3486230,00.html

Big Kudos to the people at TechTV for featuring my site. Another excerpt from the site, "It takes more than some suggestive photographs and a pair of 5-inch heels to secure the title of Girl Gone Wired. We look for those lovely ladies who offer a little something special. Tonight's pick made the cut with her bi-uvula. Not familiar with the term? You will be soon enough..."

It's nice to see that people still take the time to actually read what I write. :) Thanks again!

Bobbi B.

Cards, Games, Vegas Baby!

When I did my signing for Benchwarmer a while back, I made the mistake of not taking some of my cards. Everyone else did. Stupid me. Now I don't have any and I have to buy them on ebay like everyone else. I guess that is what you get for being honest right? I tried to buy my Autographed Kiss card from the Benchwarmer Gold Series but I wasn't able to win the auction. I had a major bidding war with this guy but he would not let me have it. I wanted the card really badly. It had special meaning to me. It was card 2 out of 10 and I like even numbers. Plus when you add 2 and 10 you get 12 which is my lucky number. I was born on the 12th day of the 12th month... that card shoulda been mine. Damnit! My card went for a whopping $515.00. It really sucks to have to bid against your fans on your card. I received several emails from people asking if I was really Bobbi Billard then why was I bidding on my own cards. Anyway, after I explained it to them and they understood.

At least I won the last auction I bidded on. I am now the proud owner of a Pamela Anderson Barb Wire pinball machine. Yay! :) It will look great in my brand new Game Room. Which brings me to my next bit of news... I'm moving to Vegas in a year. I found my dream home over there. They are building it for me right now. I'll be a new Sin City resident in 9 months to a year from now.

I'll write more later... It's late and I should get to bed now. Nite nite!

Bobbi B.