Saturday, October 26, 2002

Bobbi Does NYC!

My God! Doesn't that anxious mood frog
look cracked the fuck out?! LMAO!

Reminds me of when I used to go to the after-hours in LA called "Does Your Momma Know". That place was a freak-show fest but it was the only place to go at that hour! Everyone there was usually on so many drugs that they'd come up and start telling me their life stories. I was like, "Did I ask?" but I was always polite because I felt sorry for them. I got a kick out of that place for some strange reason. I sure did have fun back in the day.

Here's the latest! I leave for NYC tomorrow with Heather. I am very excited! And... even Gucci is coming with me. He's so spoiled! I bought him a purple patent leather raincoat so that he stays warm and dry out there. Please don't remove me from your friends page because it might be a while until I post again. I will have to get caught up with my email situation when I get back. Plus, Celeste's site is set to open while I am gone. I will probably be really busy when I get home. Anyway, I am organizing a meet for all my internet friends from New York. If you would like to go out to dinner with Heather and I, please come by Chili's in Times Square Oct. 28th at 8 pm. Although I can't predict the future, based on the past, I don't get out to NYC EVER so this is probably THE ONLY time I will be out there... unless maybe while I am there I meet the man of my dreams and he kidnaps me, LOL! So please show up! It'd be nice to meet my New Yorkers finally! I have always said that I like the people of NY. At least in NY if someone doesn't like you, they will tell you within the first 15 seconds of you meeting them. In LA, everyone is nice to your face and as soon as you leave, they are talking shit! I respect the honesty. I'd rather know who my friends are. Well... I have a ton of stuff to do to get ready for my trip.

Love ya,
Bobbi B.

Thursday, October 17, 2002

Gucci is sick! :(

Gucci is at the vet. He wouldn't stop puking and he wouldn't eat so I took him in today. I hope he will be ok. Does anyone know if Ikea still sells those heart stuffed animals with the long arms? I want one of those things! I need to get him that so that he will hump that instead of every blanket he sees! It will be his girlfriend. He needs one!

I did a TON of updates and now I am going to go lay in bed and watch some tv. Here is one more new pic...

I need to get my body looking like this again!

Bobbi B.

Bad Bobbi!

I pulled an all nighter! God, I hate it when I do that!!!! Now I am going to be on "Vampire/Stripper Hours"! Damnit! I get so into my work that I can't stop until I am finished. Sarah has been helping me out majorly. I asked her to help me redesign a few pages on my website and she hooked me up!! My new Latest News page is really cool because now it doesn't take ages to load like before. And my B-Movies page is all organized. I was finally able to upload a bunch of old-school movies from back in the day! It's such a trip seeing movies of yourself when you were a bit younger. I didn't like my makeup and hair at all! Yuck!! I dunno... it's funny but I don't miss those days one bit! You'd think I would because back then I was "Baby Bobbi"... so young! So fresh and so clean clean! LOL! Nope! I am hoping the years will continue to be kind to me. However, if I keep pulling these late nighters, I might have to watch out! I need to get some beauty rest soon but first, let me show you my new pics...

"I'm a Barbie Girl, In a Barbie World!" This was taken at the Barbie & Ken mansion. That was a trippy place but definitely a cool place for a shoot! I oughta tell you all about that day sometime.
The photographer that shot me for Muscular Development took this shot. It makes me think of that song, "Wrap it up... I'll take it"!

My dog "Gucci" has been hacking up a lung all night. I don't know if I should take him to the vet or what. He's dry heaving and sounds pretty bad off. Poor guy! I guess it's a good thing I didn't go to bed early because I doubt I would be getting any sleep right about now! I sure hope the lil guy is ok. I'll take him to the vet if he's still sick when I wake up.

In other news, I might be sneaking off this weekend. Don't worry, I will post up pics from my little adventure!

Bobbi B.

Wednesday, October 16, 2002


I'm late for the gym again...

I'll be home in a bit and then I will check to see if I have responded to everyone's comments and maybe check out my friends page a little bit. I have been adding a bunch of new people and I reconnected with a few people from the past too. I love Livejournal!

I have to go get my blood drawn today. Fun fun fun! I hope I don't blow it off again...

Bobbi B.

Monday, October 14, 2002

V is for Victory!

I can't believe it... It's over finally! Here are the latest emails from LoveMyCarpet dude...

At 04:14 PM 10/11/2002 -0400, Photo Guy wrote:

This is not Bobbi or whom ever you say it is. We have this girls ID on file and it is not her. The girl in the photo whom you refer to is from UTAH get over it. JM

----- Original Message -----
To: Photo Guy
Sent: Friday, October 11, 2002 7:22 PM
Subject: Re: TRIPLE-SSS Hosting

It is Bobbi Billard. It is impossible that you have a release because there is no question that it is her. It's her house in the background. One of Bobbi's fans recognized the shot and Bobbi herself confirmed it. She should know! We will take it up with iBill if you are uncooperative. Copyright infringement is not permitted under their terms of service.

To: ""
From: Photo Guy

I am so over these e-mails from you ......I am going to have my webmaster put a new picture up of the same girl.....a photo that I have taken...which will settle this matter once and for all. After that happens we will block any e-mails coming from you as I am sick of reading them. JM

Well... it's official! They have removed me from their website! Yay! I want to say thanks to everyone for putting the hearts in your journals. I think they got their bandwith bill for the month and started to figure that it wasn't worth it. What was funny is that they told me that they were going to take it down and replace it with the same model. I was like, "Great! So they are going to steal a different pic of mine or are they going to put some other chick up there and pretend like it was her all along? I guess I will see what happens!" Why can't people just be honest and admit when they are wrong and remedy the situation? Is that so difficult? It's no wonder our world is such a f#%ked up place!

I guess all is well that ends well. I've got to go now. I have some work to do to take all those hearts off of my website.

Bobbi B.

Saturday, October 12, 2002


Well, my mom arrived home and there was a message on the machine from my sister's new husband's parents. I guess they had called them and told them that they are indeed safe and they were relaying the message. Phew!!!!! What a relief that is!

Bobbi B.


I cancelled my camshow today. Sorry but I was in no condition to pull it off. Here's why... While I was at the gym working out with my trainer, I saw a news headline that caught my eye. There was a terrorist attack in Bali. My sister just got married and she is on her honeymoon in Bali right now. I am still pretty upset and worried! I have tried getting a hold of her at the hotel but my mom and I don't know exactly where she is staying. Also, her new last name is pretty long (11 letters) and every time I call I have to spell it out and say a word that begins with the first letter. The people on the phone seem as if they can't understand or hear me and it is becoming a major pain in the ass! So far, I can't find my sister so I don't have any word as to if she's alright. My mom is very worried because I guess one of the bombings occurred at a popular nightclub frequented by tourists on Saturday evening. My sister loves to dance!! She could have very well been there with her new husband! I really would think that after hearing about a bombing or whatever she would call her family and at least let us know she is alright. I will keep you all posted.

Bobbi B.

Monday, October 7, 2002

Bobbi the Bridesmaid

Just got in today from Los Angeles. As you might have already heard, my sister got married this weekend. I was a bridesmaid and the ceremony was beautiful! My father died of cancer when I was 19 so he couldn't be there to walk her down the aisle. Instead, his father (my grandfather) did. It was very emotional for me! I could not stop crying! Anyway, that's where I have been and what I have been up to. I have a lot of catching up to do now that I am back.

Oh! I am in Weekly World News this week (October 8, 2002)! Pick up a copy if you have a chance. I've been told they are sold in almost every grocery store in the U.S. & Canada. I am the "Page 5 Girl" and they published 4 photos of me and even mentioned my website! :) If you want more info, go to
I think they should have a pic of me on their website soon.

Take care,
Bobbi B.