Friday, July 14, 2006

Announcing the winner of my Win A Date competition!! *Drumroll Please!*

Because people keep posting rude comments and it is very apparent that they don't know what this is all about, my advice to you is, "If you are not up to speed... READ!" Thanks!

Gosh! It's been so hard for me to make up my mind with this whole contest. I swear... I must be the Queen of Indecisiveness. After months of thinking about who I should fly to California to go to a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert with me, I admit that I had a lot of trouble making up my mind! There were so many great guys to choose from. I was literally torn! And after seeing how badly some people reacted when I narrowed the field down from the over two thousand entries to just eight semifinalists, I wasn't looking forward to announcing the winner. And that saddens me, because I really wanted this contest to be fun for everyone. I guess I just really wasn't prepared for the reaction from those with sour grapes. And I feel bad... because I was really thankful to all that took the time to enter... unfortunately there can only be one winner. So I turned to my girlfriends and asked them who they thought would be most compatible with me. And through their answers, I was able to come up with a winner...

The person that my friends and I thought would be most compatible with me is Shawn Malloy aka Comic Relief...

Finally! It's about friggin' time!

Above Images Photochopped by Falcon 204 (Add him too! He's on my Top 24)

My friends know how much I love to laugh. I've always been drawn to guys with a good sense of humor. I'm always cracking jokes... that is, if I feel comfortable enough being silly around you. I try not to take anything too seriously. Shawn won my heart with his wild comedic ways... I know there will not be a dull moment when we go out to dinner and then to the concert together. So congratulations Shawn! I can't wait to bring you out to California to party with me! We are going to have so much fun! The concert is August 31st. I promise we'll take a bunch of pics... Right Shawn?

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And before you start feeling bad for your favorite, don't worry... I hooked them all up with a special top secret prize. I received a nice email from all of the entrants thanking me for what I gave them. I hope nobody is mad at me. If I could afford to take you all, I would.