Monday, February 11, 2008

SMILE! The OFFICIAL Cheer Up Blog.

This is what makes me smile and laugh.

I'm going to keep adding to this blog as new things make me smile and I invite you all to post comments here to help make others smile too. I'm aiming to make this the happiest blog on MySpace. :)

Press stop if you want silence so that you can read. :)

Every day I have to walk past a car that is parked in the garage. And this is not just any car! I'm not sure who owns it but it is obviously being stored there and not being driven. It is always in the same spot and over the past few months has collected a pretty thick layer of dust.

Apparently, someone has been inspired by this car and has decided to turn it into their canvas. First, someone drew a lovely picture of a cock with a pair of balls along with "Wash Me" in block letters. LOL! Then a week or two later, I noticed a drawing of a naked woman appeared on the back window of the car. Then yesterday night, my roomie and I went to go pick up some take-out and of course, we happened upon that same car again. I couldn't help but look as I usually do and I'm so glad I did because I noticed that there was something new added. Somebody had written... "You wish your wife was this dirty!" LMAO!

Now I don't really condone drawing on other people's dirty cars but I have to admit, this was the funniest saying I have ever seen written on a dirty car in my life. I thought that it was so funny that I made my roomie take a photo with her iPhone.

And while we are still talking about art, I'm not sure if you heard but not too long ago there was a robbery at a museum in Brazil. I happened to be signing on to AOL to check some emails and I saw the headlines. I've always been interested in art so when I saw that some expensive paintings had been stolen, I clicked on it. I read the story and just by chance started reading some of the comments that people had posted. I got to one that had me laughing my ass off. It read, "What a bunch of idiots! Who would want to steal a painting of Sylvester Stalone in drag?" And now the painting he was talking about which made me LMAO...

It does bear a striking resemblance. If you use your imagination of course. :)

Silly thieves! Hey! Have you guys seen my bra?

Pinky is bad ass! Meow motherfucker MEOW!

Not really funny but it brings a smile to my face and is a great concept. Now who wants a hug?

Everyone, let's make this blog the funniest and happiest blog on myspace. And please send your friends here when you want to cheer them up. It's important to laugh and enjoy life. So spread the word. I'll post some more stuff. I'm off to go scour the net.

What makes YOU laugh? Tell me or post a photo of it below... And please make sure you go thru and remove all links, alt tags, borders, and resizing in the HTML or else it will not go thru and only post one image per comment. Your code should look like this (in HTML code): Less than sign img src = quote link quote greater than sign. If you are confused, just google HTML code to insert an image and read it. It's so easy! Youuuu can doooo it! :) Make sure you check out all the funny pics in the comments and pass this link off to a friend. Thanks in advance for making this the most popular blog ever to make people smile, laugh, and cheer up!

Bobbi Billard


joeyz84 said...

You know, I was just in Las Vegas a week and a half ago and my buddies and I were walking down the strip and we saw a gal walking the opposite way from us with a sign that said "Free Hugs." I didn't realize until now that I want a free hug, but it's too late. :( Although we ended up getting free drinks later that night.

Anonymous said...

Think that dirty car phrase was clever? Check these out!