Sunday, January 27, 2008

Fuck Spam!

If I get another spam email in my inbox, I am going to lose my marbles! I’m sorry to vent but I’m having a really bad spam day and I just had to go through and delete about 300 of these from my inbox and my comments on MySpace. Is it just me or do you guys also receive spam after spam from people trying to sell you everything under the sun?

For starters, don’t you realize that spamming will cause you to be fined heavily once they catch your ass? And if you are ballsy enough to do it on MySpace, they will delete your profile. It says clear as day in the Terms of Service here that you cannot use your myspace for commerce without expressed permission from MySpace. Spammers don’t give a fuck that annoy the crap out of you by constantly emailing and myspacing you. They don’t care that they are wasting your valuble free time. Time that you could instead be spending with friends and/or family members, voluntering to make this world a better place, or even working to keep the lights on in your apartment... No! To the spammers, you are just another dollar sign.

You should think twice when joining the get rich quick schemes on the internet which urge you to spam contacts on your mailing list in order to make a buck.

Sorry ya’ll! That’s my rant of the day. Please please, for the love of God, quit spamming me! I promise that I’ll return the favor.

I’m off to take a nice hot bubble bath now. Calgon, take me away!

Bobbi Billard