Thursday, July 12, 2007


I had a great camshow yesterday evening. I really missed you guys! Sorry to take such a long hiatus but I am back in the swing of things again. If you haven't heard already, my career is really taking off. So much so, that I had to part with my gorgeous house in the OC and am relocating up to Los Angeles. I put my house on the market and it sold after only 12 days. It's amazing how everything fell into place. I attribute this partially to "The Secret", which I have been blogging about so much on my myspace. Incorporating positive thinking has really changed my life!

So anyway... I was away from my computer and was stuck in LA working. However, I finally went back and got all of my equipment and set up shop in my friend Ika's apartment. I am currently looking for a place to call home but not sure where I want to live yet. Still scoping out LA. This place is like a foreign country to me. I never ever thought I would be living out here but I actually love it!

I added some new pics to my myspace. Go check them out here. I think they are different than the typical shots I usually do. I'm liking them a lot so far.

I also posted a blog on my myspace to let you guys know that I will be going on the Adam Carolla Show tomorrow. To be completely honest, I have had butterflies in my tummy the whole week leading up to this show. Particularly, when a friend told me that they had another one of the myspace girls on and ended up rating her the worst guest of all time. I did a radio show a long time ago when I was on WOW Women of Wrestling. It was a really bad experience for me. I ended up having a panic attack and I froze up and choked. My mind ran blank. I can't even remember what I said on there but I know that I did horrible. I think they had sensed I was having issues because they only asked me one question and did not come back to me. While that told me that I hadn't done that great a job, I didn't have any desire to talk anymore on the air. I was completely freaking out. I haven't done another radio show since (although I have done several online and now do my own online radio show at NowLive. So, as you can see, this is a big step for me. I am looking forward to it but still a bit nervous when I think about. I just hope that I can get my funny side out while speaking to these talented commedians and personalities. Wish me luck!