Thursday, May 3, 2007

So last time I wrote, I was telling you all about The Secret. Well I am pleased to announce that it is already working for me. My new agent (the one that reps Adrianne Curry that she recommended to me) called and told me some great news. I wish I could share it with you guys but I learned my lesson after last time. I'm going to keep this a secret until it comes out this time around. But let me tell you... I just got something HUGE! I'm really excited!

I'm sorry I haven't written but I've been so busy lately. I shot for People Magazine in Australia last week. The shots came out awesome! It's going to be a kickass layout. I can't wait for it to come out. Then I had to fly all the way to Detroit, Michigan to host a club out there. That was pretty cool! I got to meet this actor named Jesse Metcalf from Desperate Housewives. Sorry guys... I didn't get a photo (story of my life). I was so scatterbrained while packing that I forgot to bring my camera. I finally found someone else who had one and was willing to let me use theirs. The promoter had pulled me aside and told me to wait in the VIP area because he wanted me to do some interview with Mr. Metcalf in the VIP room. I waited for him to come back but he vanished. Ahh well... Damn slippery celebs! I'm reminded why I used to never even try to grab photo ops with them in the first place. To me they are just normal people like everyone else. What's the big deal?

Anyway, I partied my ass off in Detroit and flew home early the next day. As soon as I arrived, I had my radio show to do on NowLive. I was pretty exhausted from my trip but since I have committed to so the show must go on! Now I just need to get my camshows back on track. So don't worry guys... I have scheduled one for this Saturday after my shoot. I am going to be shooting again for American Curves and the other fitness magazines this weekend. Hope to see you at my next camshow. :)