Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Secret to success and happiness!

've been hearing a lot about a book recently. It's called "The Secret" and I believe it was first made popular by Oprah Winfrey and her book club. I seem to remember my personal assistant LoriDawn and my professional organizer (LoriDawn's sister) Lisa mentioning it to me before. They are both amazing chicks so I am down to take a look at anything that they recommend. For whatever reason, I forgot about "The Secret" until I met this awesome girl named Tian Kitchen. You may remember her from the hit TV show called The Amazing Race. I was fortunate enough to get introduced to her at an event that we all hosted with my stylist/friend Matthew Fashion. We were celebrity judges to help select the new faces of a clothing line called Elate Wear. Anyway, Tian, Matthew, my dog Gucci, and I were all in a car headed back to our hotel to get changed for the evening's festivities and she started gushing about "The Secret". This girl seemed to have it all! She was telling me about her upcoming wedding (which she was nice enough to invite me to and I'm going! Woohoo!) in which Cirque du Soleil will be performing and she is going to be marrying the man of her dreams. This girl was beautiful and dressed to the nines... she was wearing the coolest boots, clothes, everything. But what struck me most was that she seemed to be a beacon of happiness and inner beauty. And she went on and on about "The Secret" and how it had changed her life. As I mentioned, she is getting married to a really nice guy, just booked another reality show, her father bought her the car that she wanted without her even asking him to, long lost friends that she had been missing were running into her at strange places, etc. I was having a rough week and had some really crappy things happen to me the day before this event... including that gig that I had in San Diego totally screwing me and my fans over by advertising me as being there and never coming thru with my booking fee as they had promised. I was really counting on that money... and looking forward to meeting a bunch of my San Diego fans so I was kind of upset about all of that. However, Tian gave me some hope about turning my bad luck around. I ended up having a great time at the event and I feel that I have made a lifelong friend in Tian.

The thing that is strange is that "The Secret" talks about positive thinking and how you can literally will stuff to happen via positive thinking and the law of attraction. Well... a few days before my meeting Tian, I thought to myself on my way to the store that I wanted to finally buy that Secret book that everyone was talking about. I hoped to myself that they would have it at Costco because I was going to be shopping there and it would be convenient for me to pick it up then. As I was walking up the aisle, there it was, right on the edge of the aisle where I could not miss it... like a neon flashing sign. I remember thinking to myself that maybe this positive thinking stuff does work after all. I must have willed that book to appear before me and IT DID... AMAZING! :)

All of this reminds me a bit of my first experience with the power of your mind and thoughts when I bought and blogged about a water company called Aqua Mantra. To recap, I purchased the water after it came highly recommended by the guy working the counter. So instead of picking up what I usually buy (Fiji), I opted for this special water instead. There were several choices, I Am Healthy, I Am Loved, or I Am Lucky and after pondering my options for a little bit, I decided on purchasing the "I Am Lucky" version. I sat by myself and drank the water while thinking to myself that I was lucky as I took each swig.

And as crazy as this all sounds, it worked right away! I came home and checked my email and magically there were all these promising booking request leads along with a few long lost friends that had contacted me. I thought it was so cool that I just absolutely had to share it all with you guys. And while blogging... I asked the universe to hook me up with a spokesmodel job because I was doing all of this PR to help out some total strangers because I happened to believe in their product. And crazy enough, the owner of Aqua Mantra happened across my blog a few months later during a search on google and contacted me via email. They ended up giving me a few cases of their water to thank me for writing about them. And I still drink their water to this day. So have you guys all started believing in the power of positive thinking yet?

After all of these fabulous experiences I've been having, I wanted to let you all know that I have OFFICIALLY begun practicing "The Secret" way of life. So when I start blowing up (mark my words)... you will know why and can start trying all of this yourself.

It's about friggin' time for me to change my way of thinking! It's going to be a hard path for me, but I am up for the challenge. I was always so optimistic as a child and my parents seemed to always kill my optimism. Don't get me wrong, I am not knocking them. I am blessed to come from a really great upbringing. It's just that they were definitely a lot more cautious about everything and I'm sure they were just looking out for my best interest. I think somewhere along the way, after dealing with many of life's pitfalls in conjunction with listening to them, I changed my way of thinking. I became more negative and started looking for ways that people could be screwing me over because in the past, it always seemed like everyone was. I even called my way of thinking "realistic" and considered myself to be a "realist". I didn't label myself an optimist or a pessimist but looking back, I think I was putting a lot of negative energy out there which in turn attracted a lot of negative stuff towards me. Well... I'm happy to announce that all of that has changed! Brace yourself for the new me people because it is ON! :)

After listening to my audio book version of The Secret, I feel as if I even need to change many things about myself starting with my myspace profile. I think I did a really good job at writing it but I feel as if I may be attracting negative people to me by some of the stuff I am saying. And I definitely do not want to be doing that. Read the book, listen to the audio book (available on iTunes), or watch the DVD and you will see what I am talking about. I have everything but the DVD so I'm willing that to come to me now. I know I will have it soon. And be forewarned that I am revamping my profile and website to reflect the NEW me! :)

And because I don't want to keep all of this to myself I'd like to share with you a few things that may help you in your everyday life. Here are some links to help you visualize and put yourself in a great mood each and every day. At Tian's suggestion, I am watching them every morning and it just puts me in the best mood ever! I get chills down my spine when I watch it. I sure hope that you enjoy them as much as I do...

I'm really looking forward to reading all of your positive comments about my new journey. I'd love to hear if you are following The Secret way of life, or if you plan on taking any of this to heart. I always love hearing from you guys! You guys rock! Now let's all go out and kick ass and buy the world and sell it back at a profit. It's all a part of OUR plan for world domination, baby! Let's do it! Keep me posted on your success! Much love everyone! :)

Bobbi Billard

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