Sunday, February 25, 2007

Save the DRAMA for your Momma... Take 2... Roll 'em!

So the story gets even more interesting. I never mentioned who the designer was by name but he decided to reply to my last posting. Now the cat is out of the bag in case you want to know who I found out is actually responsible for all of the DRAMA.

"Correction there Bobbi...this time I asked Falcon to take down my graphics from his photobucket you and me agreed on it you no longer using my graphics anyway right ?

Oh and thought this whole discussion was something personal between you and me ?....."

I found out that it was not Falcon who willingly removed the graphics but it is the designer guy "Tony" that took it upon himself to do so. You all have Tony to blame for the broken links on your page, not Falcon. You see, Falcon received an email from Tony because Tony figured out that Falcon was the one who was hosting my contact tables on his PhotoBucket. He demanded that Falcon remove them and then contacted PhotoBucket and said that it was his copyrighted material and remove it immediately. PhotoBucket then contacted Falcon and he was in danger of losing his PhotoBucket so of course he complied. And I would never expect Falcon to go and lose his account because of me. It wouldn't be fair to expect that of him... especially since we don't talk anymore. See my earlier blog for why.

Back to the designer guy. My last correspondence with him was 2 days ago in which I let him know that I had replaced the banners but I hadn't had a chance to work on the contact tables yet. Apparently, even after receiving my update, it was of urgent importance to Tony at Mister Pecker Webdesign to make absolutely sure that I or anyone else on MySpace for that matter was not using his contact tables. It necessitated him taking matters into his own hands and contacting PhotoBucket to make sure all of my stuff was deleted immediately. I get it! LMFAO!

And sorry Tony, but I never once said, "Hey guy... keep fucking with me and I promise I won't tell anyone!" Give me a break! Where is it that I said I am going to keep this between you and me while you are going out of your way to be impossible to deal with? I don't owe you any anonymity. Especially when I didn't even say your name but you went and told on yourself anyway by posting that comment on my last blog. I guess you come from the school that "there is no such thing as bad press", but I beg to differ, my friend. You see... whether you like it or not, there are a lot of models that read what I have to say and take notice... So here's a shovel dude! Ya' dig?

In short... I have already wasted enough time on this asshole already. If I were you, I would not work with this guy. He will provide you with free shit but in the end, it won't be worth it. Heaven forbid you don't have him up in your top 8 or plaster a commercial for his shady webdesign service all over your page. I know a lot of people and I am going to personally warn them all to avoid him like the plague. It's a small world baby!

Bobbi Billard