Friday, December 1, 2006

IMPORTANT: Watch Out!!

I keep having a problem with my myspace and I'm not quite sure how this is happening. I first noticed it yesterday while viewing my profile. I was looking at the menu at the top and I noticed that I had two instead of one...

"That's odd!" I thought. I clicked on the "Home" link and instead of taking me to, it took me to one of those phony login pages that password phishers use to snag your account info. Yesterday my menu was pointing to http://www.../images/login.html but I removed that unwanted code right away. Then I immediately changed my password just in case. I know that I hadn't added this to my own profile, but someone must have done it.

Today, I went to check out my MySpace profile again and the same thing is back up there except it is a link to a NEW password phishing site. When you click on any of the links underneath my menu with the hearts seperating the options, it takes you to this URL:

I'm really confused as to how this code got there again this time since I'm using a brand new password. Could this be like that "flying spaghetti monster" virus that was going around myspace a while back?

Flying Spaghetti Monster Virus Info

I believe that the "Flying Spaghetti Monster" virus was passed around by simply surfing onto an infected user's page or by clicking on an infected link.

I know Tom posted a recent blog with info on these phishing pages but I haven't seen anyone discussing these infected menus. I've been surfing around and noticing that a lot of people have the same menu infected with a password phishing link going on with their page... they probably just don't know it yet. I hope myspace fixes whatever is causing this problem. I just hope they don't get rid of the mod to customize your menu on your profile. I'm pretty sure that is what will happen though.

I'd advise you all to change your passwords immediately. Especially if you clicked on my menu link and were asked to input your account info and you did.

ATTENTION: I had temporarily left up this password phishing BS on my page so that ya'll could get a visual of what I was talking about but I decided to delete it. However, if you'd like to see what it looks like, here are some other profiles that I have noticed are having the same problem that I was. As you can see, this is spreading across myspace quite rapidly.

Enter at your own risk as I do not know for sure how this virus is being transmitted. And whatever you do, do not enter in your account info unless you feel like giving it to the barnyards over at or any of the other phishing websites. It would be kinda cool to see what happens if you do though... Hmmm! Maybe I will make a dummy profile and test it out and get back to you. Make sure you check out Tom's blog so you learn how to protect your profile from hackers...

Happy safe surfing!

Bobbi Billard