Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Get Lucky!

Yesterday, I talked on the phone all day with an old friend of mine that found me because of MySpace. I also got an email from one of my favorite M.A.C. makeup artists. She ran across me on MySpace too. And it just so happens that I am in need of a good makeup artist for a bunch of my upcoming shoots. I guess it is one of the many benefits of having over 400,000 friends on here.

It's funny that all of this is happening because over the weekend I drank "I Am Lucky" water for the first time. I swear it must be working. I almost bought Fiji but the guy up front pointed out some other brands instead. There was "I Am Lucky", "I Am Loved", and I forget what the other one was called. He advised me to get one of the mantra waters instead of the Fiji because he claimed it really worked. "I've been drinking the 'I Am Loved' and boy am I loved now!" he told me. Alright alright... cut the sales pitch... give me the "I Am Lucky" water. I need some luck damnit! So I drank the water and like the bottle said I repeated the mantra with every sip and I'll tell you... it really did work. I checked my inbox and I had 2 long lost friends and a bunch of modeling bookings. Pretty cool eh?

Do you want to "get lucky" too?


A portion of their profits go to charity. Somebody get me a spokesmodel gig for AquaMantra already! LOL!