Sunday, December 4, 2005

Add Me!! Add Me!! Add Me!!

Way back in the day, before I edited my profile to hide my MySpace comments section from all of you, I used to get like 50,000 annoying Add Me! Add Me! comments each and every day. I've always had a lot of friends and some of you were smart enough to realize that by posting to my page, you'd get a bunch of adds. Needless to say, it got out of hand. It got to the point where I had to block some of you, because I was getting sick and tired of having to go thru and delete people for spamming the fuck out of my page. So I decided to change my profile so that nobody but me could see my comments anymore. And magically... all of that ASCI madness ended. However, I decided that I miss those days just a teeny tiny bit. So here it is... this blog is dedicated to all of you friend whores out there.

I've decided to finally do something for you guys aside from hitting delete and block. This is guaranteed to get you a whole bunch of new friends by simply posting a comment that says "Add Me" or however else you'd like to creatively beg for more friends. All you have to do is play by these simple rules which are as follows:

1. First come... First serve! DO NOT get all crafty and try to skip the line or your post is as good as garbage!

Please post only one time per person! Yes! You can accomplish your goal of getting more friends in only one easy post! What a friggin concept!

No HTML! I don't allow it so don't even bother. If your comment looks like a bunch of gibberish code, it will get deleted. And that's a promise!

4. DO NOT write ADD ME over and over again 50,000 times and take up the whole fucking page unless you want to get deleted and/or blocked! Come on now!

5. Make sure you add me first if you haven't already. My profile is located here:

6. If you are too lazy to read the rules and because of that break one or more, then this will teach you... I'll delete your post and you just wasted your time! How do you like that?

So have fun guys! And Happy MySpace Friend Whoring! And make sure that once you post your comment that you scroll back thru and add all of these people that are commenting too because they need new friends!

I promise to promote this blog very often by posting bulletins to all 300,000 of my closest myspace buddies asking them to check all of you out. By tomorrow, with the amount of promotion that I will do, this should make the MySpace's Most Popular Blogs list here. As you can see, my last post was in the top 3 with very little PR work on my part. Now don't go saying that I never did anything for you!

Bobbi Billard