Monday, October 3, 2005

The King of Crap!

I spoke to Craig "The King of Crap" today. My assistants had called him while they were down because I had seen a pickup truck driving on the freeway ages ago. The truck said "Poop Happens" and it appeared to be some kind of poop cleanup service. Gucci uses my garage with a doggie door as his bathroom since I don't have a back yard. Even if I did, my fear of having him get eaten by a coyote would override a plan to put a doggie door going to the outside of my house.

My dog is such a spoiled brat, I swear! He refuses to go thru the doggie door, so I have to rig it to be propped open all the time... or else he will go to the bathroom on the floor near my door. He's scared of the doggie door! Classic! Anyway, back to the poop clean up service. I've always felt bad that that was one of LoriDawn's To Do List sometimes. I don't want to be the asshole who has her assistant cleaning up poop, you know? Uncool! Way uncool! So I was always looking for some sort of solution so that no one has to clean up poop but someone who doesn't mind doing that sort of thing. And that's when fate brought me to the place where I'd happen to be driving next to the poop cleanup truck one day on the 405 Freeway. Strange place for fate to bring you, but hey... it happened! I managed to write down the number while driving and put that on my new To Do List... Call poop cleanup dude. And LoriDawn or Lisa took care of that this weekend.

While I was getting my nails done, Lisa told me that they had had a conversation with this guy and he had a great personality. They told me to be waiting for a call from Craig "The King of Crap" very soon. Hilarious! They said I was going to love him so we shall see! And like they said, he finally called and we set an appointment for my first poop cleaner upper session. Yay!

What else did I do today? I beautified my myspace profile with some help from Mike. The rest of Monday is going to be a lazy day. I need a vacation from my vacation and I just don't feel like doing much today. I'd go take care of getting my first dosage of my allergy shots for this week, but I'm still recovering from the last dose on Friday. My allergies are still acting up from when they increased my dosage on Friday! I'll do that tomorrow instead.

Oh and please disregard the cam show schedules right now. I'm waiting on programming for my members area to make it easier to update my site. Right now, I have to update in two sections for every cam show that I decide to do. Frankly, it is a big pain in the ass. So for the time being, I'd appreciate it if you would just check the individual cam network's schedules for the time being until my programmer finishes up the work on my new content management system. For now, just count on the usual shows on Thursday and Saturday nights.