Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Starbucks Is Crack!

I went to bed really late last night. I think it was around 4 am when I finally decided to get some sleep. And stupid me, I completely forgot that I had an appointment with the exterminator at 8 am. So at around 8:30 this morning my doorbell rang. I woke up to Gucci barking up a storm because someone was at the door. I run downstairs and answer the door in my pjs. I was so tired and groggy. I was completely out of it! As soon as I figured out that it was the exterminator at the door, I realized that I hadn't done any of the things that I was supposed to do to prepare for his visit. Fuck!! They had asked me to clear everything from out from under my sinks and take off all the faceplates off of the light switches and electrical sockets. Damn it!!! How stupid of me! I can't believe I spaced on my appointment! Luckily, the guy was cool and he didn't seem like he was pissed or anything.

After I had quickly gotten everything ready so that he could spray, he asked me if they had let me know when I made my appointment that I had to leave the house for three hours. And no, they had not told me that. I called my friend Brandi to see if I could go over there. She didn't pick up so I left a message for her. I was racking my brain as to where I could go on such short notice that would allow dogs when all that I wanted to do was crawl back im bed. Ugh!! I don't know a whole lot of people that live in my area and the friends that I have that do live around here are not typically early risers. I was just about to call Jenn when Brandi returned my call. Phew! Brandi saved the day! Thank goodness!

I stopped by Starbucks to get my morning caffeine fix. I usually order a Venti Cafe Latte but I decided to try the Pumpkin Spice Latte instead because they had a sign near the cash register. Plus it sounded good for a change. And it was pretty good, but I don't want to make a habit of drinking the sweetened coffee drinks like Mochas, etc. A lot of people don't realize how many calories those drinks actually have. I try to limit myself to one special mocha type coffee drink every one or two weeks. Everything in moderation, including moderation... right?

Anyway, I got to Brandi's and I finished my drink and I was still exhausted. I ended up falling asleep on her couch. I find it to be pretty strange that I was able to fall asleep after drinking all of that caffeine, but I was really tired! Maybe I am getting used to having coffee every day so the caffeine is not having too much of an effect on me anymore. It used to be that I had to be really careful how much coffee I drank because I was not used to having caffeine. I don't drink soda, juices, or iced tea... only water. Usually, if I drank coffee too late in the afternoon, I was guaranteed to have a sleepless night that evening. Now, I can drink a latte and go back to sleep apparently. Very strange!

One thing that I do notice is that since I have been going to Starbucks every morning, I feel very groggy in the mornings until I drink my coffee. It's hard to explain but I feel kind of out of it, like my mind is all foggy, but sure enough, it goes away just as soon as I start sipping on my latte. My kickboxing trainer used to say that Krispy Kremes is crack but I beg to differ. I think Starbucks is crack!

I wonder if what I am noticing is normal. To me it feels like I am starting to show signs of being dependent on it and I really don't like being dependent on anthing. I'm going to do some research about this because the last thing I need is a new bad habit. I've already 86ed cigarettes and alcohol. I don't smoke anymore (unless it is for the occasional photoshoot) and I have quit drinking (unless it is a special occasion). Maybe I should stop drinking coffee too. I thought I've heard that caffeine isn't that good for you anyway. I was liking it at first because I would get all cracked out on my Starbucks coffee and yap my head off in my journal, but do I really want to be dependent on coffee to be my inspiration to write in the mornings? Plus, I don't want to start getting headaches in addition to the morning funk that I have been noticing lately. Some people get headaches if they don't get their morning java jolt, right? I'd rather nip that habit in the bud right now before it starts having anymore negative effects on me. What do you guys think? Do you drink coffee? Do you feel kind of out of it until you have your first cup? Do you get a headache if you don't get your coffee fix? Do you feel as if you are dependent on it? If yes, does that trouble you?