Friday, August 5, 2005

Work Mode!!

I've been in work mode big time lately! I just can't seem to pry myself away from the computer. It's not really a bad thing. I finally have access to the right people that can help me implement all of the ideas that I have had for so long. All of this is fun and exciting for me!

I thought about this just last night while I was talking on instant messenger to a friend of mine that works as a webmaster. We were both kind of shooting the shit about how we have no life because we spend so much time working on the computer and our sites and I came to a realization about something. In the past, I've factored in all the hours that I spend on my site each day and calculated how much money that would equal out to per hour. It really doesn't seem like that good of a deal after all when you look at all the time and money that I spend to do all of this (meaning my website, the photoshoots, the camshows, etc. It's a full time job and a half!). But you know what? I wouldn't want to be working doing anything else! I actually love what I do. It's a challenge... a constant struggle. There is so much that I don't understand but I learn more and more every day. I enjoy it! When I am out and about... it's hard for me to get my mind off all the work that I have sitting and waiting for me at home. And I actually miss being online and not working. I must be wacked! LOL!

Anyway, I thought I would clue you in with what I am up to. I pretty much finished with my auto linking / friends page but I'm still adding links here and there. I am setting up a free fan forum later today. Or at least I thought I was... my "help" is MIA. Anyway, I'd appreciate it if you all registered. And we are very close to putting the finishing touches on the Members Area. Sarah is predicting that everything should be done by Wednesday. I can't wait! :) Now, I just have to email all of my connections to let them know about the official grand opening of my brand new website redesign.

I have to find a new personal assistant because my current one is too busy with her other jobs and projects now. I knew this would eventually happen, but it really sucks! I've never had to interview anyone before. I'm scared. So many of my friends that own business bitch about how hard it is to find good help these days. I was originally introduced to my assistant, LoriDawn, by a friend of mine who thought she would be a good match for me. He knew I was looking for someone to help me out and he had hired her in the past to work for him. It turned out that his hunch was right. She ended up becoming an employee for over 3 years now. Like I said, I always wondered what I would do if she ever had to quit. Well... I think I am going to be alright. I have my eye on this 21 year old Brazilian girl who is looking for work. We shall see what happens. For the time being, I still have access to my assistant's sister, Lisa, who I've hired in the past to do professional organization work for me. In fact, she is here today. Now I can finally handle all of my fan mail that has been stacking up. I'd start hiring her instead but she lives in Northern California so it makes things a bit tough. Anyway, everything is getting done and it feels good.

Gucci is at the groomers and when he gets back, he will have a new playmate. Lisa brought her adorable little teacup chihuahua down here with her. I wonder what Gucci will think of that. I guess we shall see...

Next on the to-do list I would like to add my snail mail address to my contact me form page and edit it so that if someone doesn't have a valid email address to reply to, it will give them an error message. I need to repurchase and add a new Mailing List program for my server so that I can start doing my mailing list again. I also need to make some changes on my friends page signup form to make it easier for people to add me to their own friends pages.

This weekend I will be shooting pictures for a billboard that will be appearing in a movie starring Mo'Nique. It should be fun and I promise to take lots of behind the scenes photos for you guys. I'm having a lot of fun taking behind the scenes pics for my website. I'll have to take some pictures of Gucci, who just got back from the groomers wearing a camo bandana, playing with Tia. These guys are too cute!

Bobbi Billard