Saturday, August 27, 2005

I Cook Naked!

Hey everyone! Here's the latest and greatest for today. I have had a problem with ants recently. Usually, I just buy those ant traps which have something inside that attracts the pesky ants and then they take the poison back to the queen and it kills all of them. Those have always worked well for me in the past. I tried having an exterminator come out for a while. Unfortunately, like clockwork, about 2 days before the exterminator was due for his next visit, the ants would magically reappear again. It's like they would come to my house and put something that would kill them for exactly a month's time and then as soon as whatever that was ran out, I'd be forced to call them again and fork over another $50 or whatever it cost. It was like a viscious cycle. And I've tried spraying them myself but I hate Raid with a passion! Last time I sprayed Raid, all of my food, water, everything tasted like it and I couldn't get that damn taste out of my mouth for days. So I started using the ant traps and it seemed like a more permanent and less expensive solution to the problem. The only drawback was that they aren't very attractive so I have to try and hide them. But even though they don't really add to my decor, they got rid of my ants completely so I was willing to overlook the fact that they are a bit of an eyesore. I haven't really had a problem since I started using the traps except for once when I think they got old and ran out of the poison that was inside. And if I remember correctly it took years for that to happen. So for under $10 I thought I had come up with the perfect remedy to keep ants out of my house. I wasn't locked in to monthly exterminator visits and payments and I didn't have to smell and taste even the supposedly nicer smelling "Country Fresh" ant killer.

I don't know what the deal is lately though. Those traps stopped working for me. So I went out and bought new ones again thinking that they had just ran out of poison again but that didn't do the trick either. I think the bitch next door that I've told you guys about during my camshows is pulling a Pacific Heights over there. I would not be surprised! For those of you that haven't seen this movie, you should. It is one of my favorites because back in the day when I had roommates, I always had the roommates from hell. If you can relate, I highly recommend checking this flick out. I'll fill you in without ruining anything. Pacific Heights is about a couple that rents out part of their house that they made into a seperate apartment to a man who soon becomes the tennant from hell. He starts breeding cockroaches and all sorts of stuff in there and it becomes a total nightmare for them. I've joked around about doing something similar to get the bitch next door to want to move away. LOL! Now it seems that maybe she has seen this movie too and is breeding ant trap resistant ants over there. Stranger things have happened and I would not put it past her!

I have my cam show tonite so I'm all excited! I have to start getting ready soon. I just wanted to catch up with my diary while I had a chance. I need to go back to the tanning salon again so I'm nice and dark for my show.

I made Belgian waffles this morning. If I do say so myself, I'm a darn good cook! I used this new Hawaiian Style Macadamia Nut Pancake & Waffle Mix that I picked up at the store last night. It turned out very yummy! I love cooking every once in a while. I just hate cleaning up afterwards. Especially getting the gunk off the side of the waffle iron. I was doing so good and wouldn't you know it the last one I made had to overflow out and onto the sides. What a mess!

Anyway, I wore the new naked girl apron that mysteriously arrived recently. Did you send that to me Vee? I remember at one of my camshows, my friend Sarah (the cool Australian girl that runs the Bobbi's World yahoo group and helps me with a lot of stuff on my website) was talking about some apron that I'd never heard about or seen before and she was raving about it and said, "Oh you have to see them! They are totally cool! You'd love them!" or something like that. I remember telling her that I've seen those cheesy long tourist t-shirts that have a cartoon body on them so when you wear it, it's supposed to look like that's your body. There's one for guys which has some muscle dude's body on it and then the one for chicks has some curvaceous hourglass body in a bikini. My friend Girlie and I each bought one of these as a joke years ago at Lake Havasu. We were daring each other to wear them out in public and laughing about wearing them during a photoshoot together. We never did get to do that shoot. Oh well! I'm going to call her and remind her about that.

So I started thinking back and trying to figure out who the hell sent me that, I remembered that Vee messaged me sometime after that show and said to watch for something from (I think). I think he said that he had gotten me something off of my Wish List. So anyway, I still hadn't received anything from there, but then maybe a week later I got a mysterious package on my doorstep. So I open it up and inside were two aprons which I'm assuming were the ones that Sarah was talking about. They appear to be from Italy. Woohoo! I love Italian stuff! One has tomato slices and brussel sprouts (or are they lettuce leafs?) strategically blocking her private areas and the other has a man's hands covering up the nakedness. I tried them on and they look rockin' on me! I just don't know who to thank for sending them which kind of sucks. There was nothing else inside the package to indicate who they were from and it has slipped my mind until now to say something. I'm definitely not trying to be rude or unappreciative so excuse me for not saying anything sooner. So if the mystery person who sent me the aprons is reading this, please feel free to make yourself known. And THANK YOU! :)

Not even fifteen minutes after writing this I went in the kitchen to try and clean up the mess that I made while cooking breakfast and there is already a conga line of ants trying to go after a piece of waffle that was in the sink. So I've had it! I sprayed some Raid because I'm fed up with the ants not responding to these traps that I set up. I thought I might be safe since my sense of smell is all messed up because of my allergies. I was right about that, however, I can still taste it. Damnit! I guess the birthday cake tonite will be tasting a bit like "Country Fresh" Raid! Grrrr....

That's it for now. Anything else I have to add will have to wait until my show tonite. And after that I will have to split to go to my friends' birthday parties so unfortunately I will not be able to stay afterward and chat like I usually do.