Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Getting Poked & Blowing As Hard As I Can...

I just got back from my allergy appointment. I felt a bit like a human pin cushion this morning but in the end, it was all worth it. I found out some valuable information and I think I have a sense of what is going on with me now. Apparently the doctor feels as if I am one of the more allergic people that he has seen which seems pretty crazy to me. This doctor is at the top in his field. He is the author of Allergic Asthma for Dummies. His practice is very busy. He said that on a scale of one to ten, ten being most allergic, I am a ten. So for him to say that my allergies are that bad, I'm just amazed! He said that I am allergic to almost everything with my grasses being "off the charts". He also said that he does not have patients that are more allergic than I am. No wonder why I have felt like such crap for all these months. I also found out what I think set these allergies off so badly all of a sudden. Apparently this season is a heavy tree and grass season. The nurse told me that they can tell this because patients start having a reaction to their allergy shots.

I got stuck by needles containing 86 different known allergens. Most of them had a reaction. The thirteen that I didn't have a reaction to were then injected deeper into my skin. I ended up having a reaction to those as well. I don't have any food allergies but I am allergic to animals (cats, dogs, feathers, & horses), household inhalants (dust & mites), molds, weeds, trees, and grasses (Bermuda, Blue Grass, Brome, Johnson, Meadow Fescue, Oat, Orchard, & Rye).

My asthma started acting up because of all of the triggers they were putting me in contact with. They did a test of my lung function with this computerized program that you blow into and it measures how much air you can blow out. The computer screen had a picture of a birthday cake with candles on it. You are supposed to try and blow all the candles out while the nurse yells "Go! Go! Go! Go!". It was pretty funny! I got a kick out of it, I don't know why. I guess I am easily amused. Anyway, I didn't do so well so I had to stay and do a nebulizer treatment. After that they retested my lung function and I was able to blow out all but one of the birthday candles so they let me go.

I have an appointment in two weeks. In the meantime, the doctor prescribed a bunch of medications. I will now be taking Zytec (allergy antihistamine medication), Patanol (eye drops), Maxair (rescue inhaler), Rhinocort (nasal spray), and Pulmicort (daily inhaler). Plus, I will be starting my allergy shots twice a week. Exciting isn't it? LOL!

The doctor told me that allergies are hereditary. I said, "Great! If I have kids, they'll have to go through this crap?" and he said that if whoever I decide to have kids with has allergies that I'm guaranteed that my kids will have it too. He joked that from now on I should start asking guys on a first date if they have allergies. If they answer yes they shouldn't get a second date. LOL!