Monday, June 27, 2005

How do we match up?

I saw this on someone's blog so I thought I would find something similar for my sign. So what do you think? How well would I (wild & crazy Sagittarius girl) match up with you?

This combination works well, provided the Aries partner can adjust to the Sagittarian's easy-going attitude to life. At times, this couple may seem to be more like a couple of friends than a pair of lovers. However, provided Sagittarius feels sufficiently committed to the relationship, the prospects are good.

If this relationship works, it is more because of the differences between the two partners than because of their similarities. The solidity of Taurus will contrast sharply with the slightly playful approach of Sagittarius. Problems may arise if Sagittarius becomes bored and needs more freedom than is possible with Taurus.

This can be a very active partnership: both Sagittarius and Gemini are dynamic people, who are constantly "on the go". At times, the relationship may appear to lack depth. It is important that they resolve any difficulties as soon as they crop up, rather than leaving them to get worse.

This relationship can work, but it may require a little more determination than some other combinations. The Sagittarian is a little too flighty for Cancer, who could become very insecure. The Cancerian, on the other hand, may respond to this by becoming even more clingy.

In some ways, these two are quite similar. They are both very extrovert, and will have a great deal of fun together. The Leo partner may find the Sagittarian a little unreliable, however: he will be very committed himself, and will want to feel that his opposite number feels the same way.

If this combination works it is probably because of the differences between the two partners, rather than their similarities. The Sagittarian is much more outward-going, and may seem a little wayward to the Virgoan. Virgo must try hard to understand his partner's need for freedom, since constant criticisms will only drive the Sagittarian away.

This is a good combination. They are both easy-going, and should be positive enough to rise above any disagreements. They are both the kind of people who enjoy the good things in life, and do not take themselves too seriously. They must be careful not to waste money, however, since both have an extravagant streak.

Sagittarians are not really serious enough for Scorpios. They can form a good balance to Scorpios' intensity, but this may not be appreciated, especially if the Sagittarian partner seems to be less than totally committed to the relationship. The Scorpion may also be a little too emotional at times.

Like all relationships between people with the same Sun-sign, this combination will either work very well, or not at all. Whatever happens romantically, however, these two are likely to have enough in common to be good friends. Dangers may arise if they are not careful with money; but, provided at least one partner is sensible in this area, and the other is not too extravagant, there should not be any serious problems.

If this works - and it certainly can - it will be an attraction of opposites. The Capricorn partner will be much more down-to-earth and negative than the Sagittarian: this will give some much-needed stability to the Sagittarian, while, at the same time, giving the Capricornian partner some inspiration. The physical aspect to this relationship is usually very good.

This combination will work, provided both partners have the same degree of commitment. Problems will arise if the Sagittarian's need for freedom is too great. Despite his flighty nature, the Sagittarian is warm-hearted, and may feel that the Aquarian is a little too distant at times. A great deal will depend upon other astrological factors in these people's charts.

This can be a workable combination, although there are important differences between the two sides. The Sagittarian will be attracted to Pisces' romantic nature, but may be a little too brash for his sensitive disposition. He will also have to become more dependable than usual. Pisceans can be very insecure, and need a lot of reassuring. The Piscean, on the other hand, must try not to be too clingy.

How do you attract a Sagittarius woman?
Although Sagittarian women are generally very capable and independent, they appreciate some chivalry from their male friends. Open doors for her and buy her flowers, unless she specifically objects to this. Don't let her practical manner fool you into thinking that she is not romantic.

Sagittarians are not particularly impressed by social status. Because Sagittarian woman are so good in business, it is quite possible that she will be earning more money than you.

After marriage, they can become surprisingly bossy. They know that they have good judgement of financial matters, and may well want to run the household finances. They can be trusted to make intelligent decisions.