Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Brunette Bobbi In the NEW Kottonmouth Kings Video...

I told you guys a while back that I shot a video for Kottonmouth Kings. Their new song is called "King Klick" and I think it's a pretty bad ass! The video is now available for your viewing pleasure so go check it out! And no, I'm not the blonde girl on the bed. You can catch several glimpses of me in the video but remember, I changed my hair color. You can see me a bit in the very beginning (it's kind of choppy... blink and you might miss me) bumping and grinding with a chick, and there are a few shots of me in my dollar sign bikini, there's a quick face shot of DJ Bobby B (Cool name eh?) and I, and then later in the video you can catch a quick shot of me pawing on him while swinging on a hammock.

Click Here To See Me In the Kottonmouth Kings "King Klick" Video!