Thursday, January 20, 2005

*Drama Alert*

I hate drama! Why does it seem to find its way to my life every so often? As most of you already know, I set up a new profile when my main one vanished for a few days. On that profile, I asked people to help me get some of my friends back that I had lost so I asked them to repost a bulletin for me. It turns out that 2 of my male friends reposted that bulletin and this girl blocked and deleted them from her friends list because of it.

Now normally, I wouldn't say anything, but I'm getting into posting these blogs and I think from now on, I'm going to let you know a little bit about what I have to go through on a day to day basis. Plus, in this case, I think it isn't fair what happened to these guys. I mean they were nice enough to help out a friend. What this girl doesn't realize is that she ousted 2 guys from her friends list that probably would have done the same for her had she been in the same situation.

So here is what this girl posted in her blog about me and the guys that helped me out...

Sunday 16/01/2005

women !!!

well I just got into it with a male friend on here. this big-breasted wonder with 30,000 friends had her profile deleted and he had posted a bulletin asking everyone to re-add her. I wrote him back saying how sad that was, and yes I was being sarcastic, especially seeing as how she asks to add people then never says a word or returns a comment. maybe she actually speaks to the men though i dont know. she asked to add me, I left her a few comments, and she never said anything. guess it is hard when u have 30,000 friends. and there have been other women on here too that have asked to add me, then never say a damn thing or comment. what is the point ? then I will see them on some male's page with plenty of comments. ohhhh !!! heeheee it's so much more important for me to keep in touch with the men out there with the pics of my ass up in the air or my legs spread with my boobs which are bigger than my head in prominent view heehee !! yeah, I know I have a rather questionable pic on myself, but at least it is not like the just mentioned, and at least when a female friend of mine emails me or comments I return the favor. women make me sick. I hate being one. why do women have to suck up to men so much ? why do we have to always be in the position of kissing a man's ass to be happy and keep him happy ? why do we treat other women like sh**, b/c it's more important to treat a man better ? why is it when I walk into a public bathroom every female in there has to immediately check me out and compare - yes, women do that, to everyone who walks in just about. I can think of 4 female 'friends' on here that will actually respond back to an email or a comment. y'know, God didn't curse women with childbirth, he cursed us with actually giving a sh** about men and being at odds with each other. just a thought.

oh, and my male friend said I "insulted the way he thinks about me". fu** that ! I dont give a crap what u think about me. gee, sorry I pointed out how she adds and never responds.

This was my response...

I received 2 emails from 2 different guys bummed out that they lost a friend over them reposting a bulletin for me. God! I didn't realize it was such a crime to help a friend out if you are a man and she happens to be a woman. I really feel bad for those guys! And not cuz I am somebody that prefers men over women like what you wrote about in your blog. You are way off and I really don't think you know what you are talking about and here's why. Please read my response to them.

LOL! WTF is her problem? I don't even remember getting a message from her, but maybe I did. My old account had like 13,000 unanswered emails on it and those are just the ones that I didn't have a chance to answer. I answered as many as I could. If she did email me, I sure as hell won't find hers now that that my profile was deleted. If she would have read my profile (that's my pet peeve... people that don't /can't read), she would have read that I love emails but I don't/can't necessarily respond to them all. That doesn't make me a bad person, just busy. Ya know? Last time I checked, this wasn't Bobbi@YourBeck& don't ya think? Also, and I'm not trying to make excuses here but I had a serious neck injury and then I had to have a 2 level fusion surgery to correct it. That put me out of commission for a long time! Months... Look up recovery times of a 2 level fusion if you don't believe me. If she emailed me then, I probably never saw it. And I posted all of this info on my profile. That I was hurting and in pain and it wasn't easy for me to sit on the computer and answer a bunch of emails. Regardless, there is no way that I could respond to everyone's emails on my old deal. I got wayyyy too many and I would have had to quit my job and sit on the computer 24 hours a day just to write everyone back. I still think I wouldn't finish them all if I had done that. Because when you write someone, they write you back, then you have all the new ones coming in. It never ends! Trust me, I know! I'll tell you what though, it had nothing to do with the fact that she is a woman. I like other women. I'm bi! LOL! It's just that I have a life and I suggest that she get one. You can send her this if you want. I don't really think what she wrote was fair at all.

Sorry for the drama hun. You rock! And I really hope I didn't cause any trouble between you and your friend. That was not my intention. I appreciate your help. She sounds like a nice enough person. Just a bit misinformed. And, I think she just doesn't know me at all. It's obvious by what she said.

Bobbi B.

So in closing, it's too bad that this had to happen to these guys, and I felt that somebody had to say something in their defense. What do you guys think?

PS: And to the girl in question, I invite you to add another 29,600 friends to your list and promise to reply to each and every email that you receive along with every single comment that you get before you decide to talk anymore shit... and do it with a serious neck injury too (if you are really feeling brave).