Thursday, September 9, 2004

Great News! :)

Remember how I said that my luck is going to change for the better? Damn my intuition is good!

*Pats self on the back*

I flew out to San Antonio, Texas yesterday for my follow-up appointment with Dr. Youngblood. He said that I am healing very nicely. I told him that I had stopped taking my pain killers well over a week ago. I think they were suprised by that too. The BMP (Bone Morphenogenic Protein) is growing and I am looking more and more solid. Yay!

So guess what! He told me that I can drive now, just not in rush hour traffic. That's great news to me because I'm super independent and I hate asking my friends for favors! Now I can get to the gym every day, etc., etc.

Also, I'm allowed to start weaning myself off of wearing the neck brace. I'm really happy about that too because this news was unexpected. I thought that I had almost a full month left wearing my soft collar brace 24/7 and I had no clue when I would be able to drive again. Regardless of all of this new freedom I have been allowed, I think that I'm still going to take it easy. I'm pretty sure that that is one of the reasons why I have been healing so quickly. I have been very patient through all of this because I want to make sure I heal properly. It's very important to me. Plus, I think that quitting the pain killers early on was beneficial. I've heard that they slow down your healing process so I tried to get off of them as soon as I could.

Anyway, I'm pondering places to go now that I can drive again. Today I'm thinking about going to get a massage with my friend Brandi. Brandi was my best friend from grade school on. We lost track of each other when we were 18 years old but thanks to my website, she was able to find me again and we were able to reconnect.

I'm looking forward to having a spa day, because after that trip to San Antonio, I really need a good massage! That trip out there was brutal this time around! Usually it's a bit of a tough day, but not too bad. I normally wake up at the crack of dawn and go to the airport. Then I fly out there, see the doctor, then turn around and fly back home again. Unfortunately, there aren't any direct flights out there so I make 2 stops each way. I'm not sure if I'm more sensitive now because of the surgery and the fact that I am still healing and not taking any pain killers, or what, but some of the landings were pretty harsh for me. One was practically a crash landing! I wasn't the only person tripping out. The people in the plane all started cursing when we landed as we bounced several times on the runway. And the pilot got on the loudspeaker and acknowledged that that was definitely not his best landing of all time. I was tempted to go bodyslam him for putting me through that. Three out of four of my landings were jarring experiences for me with that one that I mentioned being the worst out of all of them. I know that I will get better in time though and hopefully won't keep feeling extra sensitive to all the stuff that I used to do without any problems before.

Bobbi B.