Sunday, August 8, 2004

It's a girl! :)

I have my hands full right now!!

Guess what... I finally did it! I've been talking about it for ages! I finally broke down and bought my dog "Gucci" his very own sexy girlfriend. So yes, for those of you that have been wondering, my recent camera phone pics of the new puppy are of MY new puppy, not someone else's. The newest addition to my family is a baby girl. She is a Tri-Colored Papillon (Brown, Black, & White). She is almost 4 months old and weighs close to 4 pounds. Here are some pics of "Chanel"...

Diamonds & Pearls
Awww... She's sleeping!

I named her "Chanel" to keep with the designer doggie theme that I have going. Hehehe! :) I figured that since I am stuck at home recovering from my injury and I can't be modeling with this big ugly neck brace that I have to wear, I might as well take advantage of my off time and put it to use!

I will be home each and every day for a while, so I figured that I can spend some of my time potty training a brand new puppy. The only problem is that I bought her from a pet store and she's sick. It figures huh?! As we were driving home from the pet store, "Chanel" turned into "The Exorcist" puppy. It was really bad! We pulled over and went to the nearest grocery store to pick up some stuff to clean up with since she made a huge mess, in spite of being such a small dog. We went through an entire container of baby wipes just cleaning everything up! I took her to the vet and she's on meds now. She already seems to be getting better. I am being really careful with her so that she doesn't get "Gucci" sick too. And as for "Gucci", he is not all that thrilled with her yet, I think he's pretty jealous. I'm trying to pay a lot of attention to both of them but this new baby needs lots of love. She's very attached to me already and cries if I don't have her in my lap. If anyone out there has any tips for me about introducing a new puppy to the family, I'd be glad to hear them.

Bobbi B.