Wednesday, July 14, 2004

My friend joined our happy family...


Please add my friend Virginia Marie and tell her that I sent you. I suggested that she join LiveJournal and she did. I'm so excited! :)

A lil' background on my friend and how we met... I met Virginia Marie while I was out in Kentucky on that developmental deal. Before I moved out there, I didn't know a single soul. Well I did, but they were girls that I was going to be working with, so I was scared that it might be drama if I got too close to any of them. You can imagine how it might be when you put girls in a position of competing (even though I didn't see it as a competition, I wanted everyone to do well, but I didn't know what they were about yet) for fame and fortune, so I was a little bit cautious. I wanted to meet people outside of the whole wrestling world, so I turned to one of my favorite websites and changed my location and zip code to be one of the zip codes of Louisville, Kentucky. I started "shopping for some new friends", as Virginia Marie likes to say. I added some people living in Louisville and then finally I made my big move. For a while, I was out there and didn't have a computer. I guess Virginia had seen my profile and added me as a friend, but like I said, I didn't have a computer, so I didn't get to approve her until after we met and I got settled in. So... one night, I went out with some of the wrestlers, and this one wrestler named Beast worked at this club as a bouncer. Low and behold, one of the bartenders there was Ms. Virginia Marie. I guess she recognized me from being on and remembered that I had posted on my profile that I was moving out there. She asked Beast to make the introduction, and the rest is history. We were instant friends! It was nice to have a neutral friend out there that I could turn to with all the frustrating stuff that I was going through at OVW and not have to worry that she was just being my friend to get inside my head and eventually screw me over to ensure that I wouldn't get on tv before her. And I must say, Virginia has been an awesome friend to me. She took me to the airport once at some god awful hour one night and even picked me up. She even offered (since I am notorious for not wanting to ask for ANYTHING). I could tell you all the things that make her special, but it would take me forever! She's just a great person! Smart! Beautiful! Super Nice! A Good Listener! Caring! Down to Earth! Etc., Etc., Etc. I want to help her out in whatever way that I can. After all, I'd do anything for that girl! Just ask her about the night that I stood up for her when some guy spilled a drink on her and then was a total dick about it! LOL!

Can somebody please show her how to add friends on here. I was finding it hard to explain it to her but maybe somebody else could do a better job.

I can't sleep! Damn insomnia! Calgon take me away! LOL! It would really help if some pain pill could take my stabbing pains away and make me a bit sleepy too. I couldn't for the life of me get comfortable in bed no matter how hard I tried so you all are stuck with my ramblings.... Until next time! :)

Bobbi B.