Sunday, July 18, 2004

The endless mission of trying to "Get Well Soon"...

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to let you all know that I received a bunch of cards and even a couple gifts today from my PO Box. Thanks so much! You guys really helped to cheer me up!

As for my condition, here's an update for you. I sent my mylegram films today to WWE. I'm scared! I had to pay $15 a sheet for those medical records so it cost me $315 total to get them. Not to mention, I had to pay $73 to ship it out to them next day air. Nothing like having a bunch of expenses when you can't even work eh?

They told me not to worry and assured me that if I didn't get my medical records back, they would reimburse me. Still, I don't understand why they couldn't call the doctor and purchase a copy for their own records. I also didn't understand why they wanted me to send the records to them instead of having me send them directly to Dr. Youngblood and therefore cut out the middle man. I asked and was told that they will send them in their packaging, that way I get preferential treatment since it is coming from them. I am a bit skeptical but what the heck. Worst case scenario, they lose them or whatever, I go out and buy them again. It's only money right? I'll make more... Forgive me for being so untrusting, I guess I have some major trust issues when it comes to WWE. I was always told that everything is a work... So I'm always on my guard! I sent them off anyway. They are (hopefully, as I was told) sending my films to Dr. Youngblood. They tell me he is a straight shooter and will answer my question about whether I should go in surgically through the back or the front of my neck. Then I will decide which place is the best to go have my surgery and I'm going in.

And you know what? The strangest thing happened... I had a good couple of days. I mean really good! So good that I thought some miracle transpired and that I was fixed. Too bad it didn't last. I've had a rough few days since the 2 good ones! I don't mean to sound unappreciative but those 2 days were not long enough. I can't wait until I feel like my old self again. I need to go lay down now because it feels like an axe murderer is going to town on me again.

Thanks again for everything... the cards (too many people to mention and you know who you are), the stuffed frog (Thanks Katty) and lollypops, and the bath stuff (Thanks Cedric... I <3 Lavendar! Yay! I can't wait to relax in the bath... now if only I had a bigger bathtub! Someday!).

Bobbi B.