Monday, July 28, 2003

Cards, Games, Vegas Baby!

When I did my signing for Benchwarmer a while back, I made the mistake of not taking some of my cards. Everyone else did. Stupid me. Now I don't have any and I have to buy them on ebay like everyone else. I guess that is what you get for being honest right? I tried to buy my Autographed Kiss card from the Benchwarmer Gold Series but I wasn't able to win the auction. I had a major bidding war with this guy but he would not let me have it. I wanted the card really badly. It had special meaning to me. It was card 2 out of 10 and I like even numbers. Plus when you add 2 and 10 you get 12 which is my lucky number. I was born on the 12th day of the 12th month... that card shoulda been mine. Damnit! My card went for a whopping $515.00. It really sucks to have to bid against your fans on your card. I received several emails from people asking if I was really Bobbi Billard then why was I bidding on my own cards. Anyway, after I explained it to them and they understood.

At least I won the last auction I bidded on. I am now the proud owner of a Pamela Anderson Barb Wire pinball machine. Yay! :) It will look great in my brand new Game Room. Which brings me to my next bit of news... I'm moving to Vegas in a year. I found my dream home over there. They are building it for me right now. I'll be a new Sin City resident in 9 months to a year from now.

I'll write more later... It's late and I should get to bed now. Nite nite!

Bobbi B.