Monday, October 14, 2002

V is for Victory!

I can't believe it... It's over finally! Here are the latest emails from LoveMyCarpet dude...

At 04:14 PM 10/11/2002 -0400, Photo Guy wrote:

This is not Bobbi or whom ever you say it is. We have this girls ID on file and it is not her. The girl in the photo whom you refer to is from UTAH get over it. JM

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To: Photo Guy
Sent: Friday, October 11, 2002 7:22 PM
Subject: Re: TRIPLE-SSS Hosting

It is Bobbi Billard. It is impossible that you have a release because there is no question that it is her. It's her house in the background. One of Bobbi's fans recognized the shot and Bobbi herself confirmed it. She should know! We will take it up with iBill if you are uncooperative. Copyright infringement is not permitted under their terms of service.

To: ""
From: Photo Guy

I am so over these e-mails from you ......I am going to have my webmaster put a new picture up of the same girl.....a photo that I have taken...which will settle this matter once and for all. After that happens we will block any e-mails coming from you as I am sick of reading them. JM

Well... it's official! They have removed me from their website! Yay! I want to say thanks to everyone for putting the hearts in your journals. I think they got their bandwith bill for the month and started to figure that it wasn't worth it. What was funny is that they told me that they were going to take it down and replace it with the same model. I was like, "Great! So they are going to steal a different pic of mine or are they going to put some other chick up there and pretend like it was her all along? I guess I will see what happens!" Why can't people just be honest and admit when they are wrong and remedy the situation? Is that so difficult? It's no wonder our world is such a f#%ked up place!

I guess all is well that ends well. I've got to go now. I have some work to do to take all those hearts off of my website.

Bobbi B.