Saturday, October 26, 2002

Bobbi Does NYC!

My God! Doesn't that anxious mood frog
look cracked the fuck out?! LMAO!

Reminds me of when I used to go to the after-hours in LA called "Does Your Momma Know". That place was a freak-show fest but it was the only place to go at that hour! Everyone there was usually on so many drugs that they'd come up and start telling me their life stories. I was like, "Did I ask?" but I was always polite because I felt sorry for them. I got a kick out of that place for some strange reason. I sure did have fun back in the day.

Here's the latest! I leave for NYC tomorrow with Heather. I am very excited! And... even Gucci is coming with me. He's so spoiled! I bought him a purple patent leather raincoat so that he stays warm and dry out there. Please don't remove me from your friends page because it might be a while until I post again. I will have to get caught up with my email situation when I get back. Plus, Celeste's site is set to open while I am gone. I will probably be really busy when I get home. Anyway, I am organizing a meet for all my internet friends from New York. If you would like to go out to dinner with Heather and I, please come by Chili's in Times Square Oct. 28th at 8 pm. Although I can't predict the future, based on the past, I don't get out to NYC EVER so this is probably THE ONLY time I will be out there... unless maybe while I am there I meet the man of my dreams and he kidnaps me, LOL! So please show up! It'd be nice to meet my New Yorkers finally! I have always said that I like the people of NY. At least in NY if someone doesn't like you, they will tell you within the first 15 seconds of you meeting them. In LA, everyone is nice to your face and as soon as you leave, they are talking shit! I respect the honesty. I'd rather know who my friends are. Well... I have a ton of stuff to do to get ready for my trip.

Love ya,
Bobbi B.