Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Magazine Features & Penis Enlargement Pills

Thanks to David and Vee, I found out that I am in Celebrity Sleuth magazine this month. It's the Women of Fantasy 13 - October 2002 issue. They put a small picture of me on the cover and even mentioned my name. Woohoo! Plus, I have a four page layout in the issue. I am pretty happy with how it came out. You can pick up a copy by going to their website or calling around to some newsstands. Once again, they don't sell it everywhere so you might have to look a bit but trust me, its worth it... after all, I am naked! *giggle* I bought my copy at Tower Records so if you have one of those stores where you live, you might be able to find it there. I suggest to call first just to be sure. Speaking of magazines, a big thank you to Tony for filling me in that I am in FHM magazine this month! Now before you get all excited, let me just tell you I am not too thrilled! It turns out that some company stole my photo right out of Muscular Development magazine and published me in an ad for a penis enlargement pill. I contacted the photographer and he did not license the images to them. Can you say lawsuit?! LMAO! It's kind of comical actually... Here's an excerpt from the ad, "How Do You Measure Up? Do You Have Enough To Satisfy Her... Or Do You Fall Short? If You Think "You're The Man"... Think Again! Imagine you're on a date with this beautiful woman... She wants you to take her home for a night of hot, passionate sex. Now this could be the most exciting night of both your lives, or it could be the most embarrassing. When she unbuttons your slacks and grasps for your erect penis for the first time, what will she think? Will you have enough to satisfy her?" ROFLOL! I can't help but wonder if any of my ex-boyfriends will see this! It makes me laugh but at the same time it pisses me off. I try to accept and turn down jobs as I see fit but I didn't have the choice in this matter, nor did I get paid! Even if they had tried to hire me for this job, I would have probably politely declined. I don't really want my face associated with B.S. products like this. At least in the ad, they are paying me a compliment, it could have been worse! And I do have to admit, it is pretty funny! Anyway, til next time... Love you guys! Thanks again to all of you for being so diligent and letting me know these things. I have the best fans/friends in the whole wide world! *Kisses*

Bobbi B.