Tuesday, May 14, 2002

Ok... I'm Fired! Bring in the New Girl! LOL!

Hiya! Betcha thought you'd never hear from me again! Well, here's what I've been up to... Got about an hour?

I've been locked up in my house for the past 2 months. I'm playing hermit... but not by choice. You see, I was working out with this trainer and he had me lifting way too heavy. I ended up hurting myself... bad! I was doing chest press with 70 lb. dumbbells... yeah, can you believe that? Well guess what?! I threw out my back, or so I thought. Then I went to a chiropractor and I developed numbness in my fingers. Its been 2 months. I've been to a orthopedic surgeon, had an MRI, been to a zillion acupuncture sessions, physical therapy, and I am still at square one! No relief in my pain what so ever! And I haven't been able to work out at all which totally sucks! I am just now starting to be able to sit in my chair and type and even that causes me pain! My diagnosis so far is cervical strain and radiculopathy. I really hope I get better soon before I lose it! Anyways.......

On the brighter side, I have some really good news. I have been able to accomplish one of my goals in life! I am going to be on the cover of Muscular Development magazine next month. It comes out in a few weeks. I am so excited!!!!! I will be on the cover of the July issue and I will also be in a bunch of pictures inside the magazine. And I will have some photos in the August issue as well. I have a special offer on my website (for all my fans and friends), I will autograph my issue free of charge. If you are interested in learning more, please Click here! I have already heard that many people have been getting subscriptions or asking their local stores to reserve copies. I am hoping to make this their biggest selling issue ever! If you buy the issue and like my pics, please email them or snail mail the editors to let them know. I will let you know more about all this soon.

Talk to you soon. I promise this time will be sooner rather than later. Don't miss me too much. Love you!

Bobbi B.
Bobbi Billard Dot Com... Yeah Baby Yeah!