Tuesday, May 1, 2001

Tricky Girl

So... the livejournal is screwed up on the other computer. What else is friggin new right? I downloaded the livejournal program onto this computer and was able to erase that repeat journal post that occurred when I tried to edit my livejournal via the web. Thank god cuz that woulda bugged me! I am a total perfectionist and I don't like stuff like that! I am always having computer problems! It sucks! My mom told me about this company she saw on the news called the Geek Brigade. Supposedly they come out dressed like geeks with the pocket protectors, etc. as part of their gimmick. And they know everything about the computer and just fix it. Ok... where do I sign??? I have been joking around with friends an awful lot lately that I need 3 boyfriends. One that is a computer genius, another that is Mr. Fix-It-Man around the house, and the third a personal trainer so I can get my lil' butt back in shape. Now if I could just get this combo in one I'd be set right? LOL! Ok, nix the boyfriend idea... I rather like being an independant woman... like that song from Charlie's Angels. I just get way stressed when it seems like everything is going wrong and I don't know how to fix this stuff... Ladies? Please tell me you know how I feel!!!

Today I get to take my mom out for her birthday. It was actually yesterday but my mom's boyfriend had dibs on that day so I get to take her out tonight. I got my mom a cell phone for her birthday. I think every woman needs a cell phone in today's day and age! If my mom was out at night and her car broke down or she gets lost or whatever... I don't know how she functioned without one until now! She had been talking about getting one for a while. When I bought it I wasn't even completely sure if she had already gotten one. I was hoping she hadn't. To make sure, I called her right after and acted like nothing was wrong and threw into the conversation that I was programming my phone and wanted to know if she had a cell phone number yet. She said she hadn't gotten one yet. YESSSSSSSS!!!!! Then I asked if my sister had one... this is how I practice my acting ability hehehe! So hopefully she didn't put 2 and 2 together. I doubt she did because I am just tricky like that! *giggle* I am taking my mom out to a really nice dinner tonight and giving her the phone. I'm so excited!

Bobbi B.