Tuesday, May 15, 2001

Sleepless in Laguna Niguel

What kind of jackass blares music all night long in his garage which happens to be directly under my bedroom? Who you ask? Its my evil neighbor! Yeah, the one who bled all over my doorstep after crashing his motorcycle all wasted. The one who had the nerve to wipe his blood off on a flyer for pizza delivery. The one I almost ran over one night because he was so fucked up that he was laying in the middle of the street. I live in Yuppieville... this type of shit is not supposed to happen here! I don't get it! I called the cops and they banged on the door for a half-hour and either nobody's home or the a-hole is hiding out in there and he's still not turning it off. My whole room is vibrating! Yes, I am pretty pissed off right now can ya tell!? LOL!