Sunday, March 4, 2001

Ohhlll beeee baaaaccckk! I mean, I am back! ; )

I did a video/photoshoot on Wednesday. It went really well! I am super excited for it to come out. Then the next day I had to go out to Columbus, Ohio for the Arnold Classic Fitness Expo. I just got back late last night. I went out there to work for Protein Factory which makes customized protein shake mixes, etc. The people in Ohio were really nice. Every time I travel it reminds me how much nicer people are in different states. I had a lot of fun at the expo and spent 2 full days taking pictures and signing autographs. It is too bad I had to work the entire time I was there because I did not get a chance to check out what was going on. I thought it was really cool that some guys actually knew of me from my website/yahoo club! I am always pleasantly surprised when this happens. =) Well anyway, that's about it... as always, its just good to be back!