Friday, February 23, 2001

Nancy Drew

I met some new friends in a strange way the other day. While I was checking where my hits come from I noticed that someone from livejournal was sending me hits. So, I went to scope it out and there he was... writing such sweet things about me! *smile* He had some of my photos posted up in his journal. So I decided to write him a comment. I was kind of scared to at first. I didn't want him to feel as if his private thoughts were invaded. That's the thing that trips me out about livejournal... I mean normally, isn't a journal supposed to be a secret thing and you don't want anyone to read it? That's what I always thought but in this day and age its different I guess. I suppose livejournal is more like a pseudo-journal. So anyways I sent him a comment and added him to my friends list and one of his friends as well. I will look forward to getting to know them. I just love the internet!

Live Bobbi Doll Cam

Bobbi B.
; )