Friday, December 29, 2000

Imitation is NOT flattery!

I've been having problems with this impersonator. Let me just set the record straight right now... sometimes imitation is not flattery! This freak who has been known to call herself "Jeneque" is going around to various dating, rate my picture, even escort sites and posting up my photos and claiming to be me. This nuisance supposedly sends out daily letters containing my photos with my copyright brand conveniently removed and has been known to have websites on AOL and Now he/she/it is planning on throwing a party for New Years Eve as me! CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT! That ought to be interesting! I feel so bad for the 59 or however many that said they were going. I almost feel obligated to go just to set the record straight. The thing that really sucks is it takes tons of time explaining to her people that I am the real person in the photos and that I have to waste my time contacting the various sites to have her ass deleted. I feel so bad for these guys because some have had dates with this "Jeneque" person and of course been stood up! Here is an email that I sent out last night:

"I have no idea but I am just as perplexed as you are! This has been going on for quite some time now and as I get her sites taken offline she puts up more in their place. Most places are pretty cooperative except for that site. They take her down then she puts it back up again and we repeat this pattern over and over. I guess she has some newsletter that she sends out daily and she is throwing a New Years Eve party pretending to be me. That ought to be interesting! I feel like showing up there and handing he/she/it cease and desist papers. A lot of people are slowly but surely figuring it out. Here is a letter that I just now received from someone else:

"Could you tell me more about this Jeneque person? I've been chatting with her on Yahoo and AOL. Sorry, not that I ever watch WOW, I may just to see what's up with the accusations. In chatting with this person, she says she lives in Hermosa Beach, CA and had agreed to meet me on a couple of occasions. I can see why she stood me up if what you're saying is true. I know this person is from around were I live because she does know the South Bay area.

If I were to believe in one over the other, it would be you. Only because your site looks more expensive, you're seen on TV and have newspaper articles: OC Register Article
If I were to side with you, is there anything you'd like me to do to help? I'd kinda like to call her bluff for what she did to me."

So that's basically it. The chick is a psycho and she won't go away. She doesn't take subtle hints... maybe I should try drop kicking her or bashing her face in...

after all I am a wrestler!

Whatever he/she/or it is, the thing sure has balls!!! I would appreciate just a heads up if you see her impersonating me on any sites. I guess she feels like I have nothing better to do with my free time but search the web for sites in which she uses my photos and claims to be me but whatever... I have a lot of really cool fans and everyone knows to let me know if they see sites with her on them. The more eyes I have the better though. I just get the sites closed down, most of them are extremely cooperative anyway. I'd really appreciate any info if you ever run across this lunatic on the web again. Sorry for any inconvenience she may have caused you.

Hugz & Kisses,
Your Very Own Bobbi Doll...
Bobbi Billard

So any way, to make a long story short(er) please be on the lookout for this derranged psycho. The more eyes I have on the web watching out for he/she/it the better. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Send URLs to:

Take care and I hope to see you tonite over on CrankyAngel's FREE cam!

Bobbi B.

Thursday, December 28, 2000

Feel me up... Granny!

Christmas was pretty cool. I paid a visit to CrankyAngel on X-mas Eve and caught up on old times. Christmas day I ended up going out with my mommy and her friend to brunch. I had fun! I met these old ladies in the bathroom that were kind of funny. They had these matching hats on and were a little bit eccentric. They took a liking to me immediately and were totally tripping out on me. I was wearing this sweater with maribu accents and they were calling me "Bunny Girl". They wanted to know if I was a Playboy Bunny. I told them no. They talked to me about their astrological signs and were complimenting me a whole bunch. I walked out to the table with a big smile on my face and told my mom and her friend and we laughed about it. On our way out they needed to go to the ladies room and I went with them. Who did we run into but the old ladies again and they started in on me again. I introduced them to my mother and they were comparing us and jokingly asked which side of the family I got my breasts from... LOL! My mom and I were totally laughing the whole time. The ladies showed me baby photos... of their weiner dog!!!! I told you they were eccentric! She said one of the photos was from a calendar that the dog had done. So I guess I wasn't the only model in the women's restroom. As we were leaving the ladies asked me, "So tell us, what soap opera are you on? Where can we look for you? I just know you are on tv!" When I told them I was a pro-wrestler they about died! They were grabbing my legs and saying, "A wrestler? Wow, feel her legs they are like steel! Do you know the Rock? Or maybe you would like to date the Rock!" So that was my day, I got felt up by old ladies in the lil girls room... LOL!

Sunday, December 24, 2000

Pass the spiked egg nog please!

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! Thanks to CrankyAngel's suggestion I decided to get a journal... I don't know how much time that I will have to write in it but I do love to write and I like to tell stories too. I am spending X-Mas Eve all by myself. Actually, I do have my doggies. Tomorrow I will go over to my mom's house and go out to brunch with her and her friend. Hope you are having a great holiday! I will write more when I have something to talk about.